Losing the holiday fat


The holiday season was with us just a few weeks ago and after a long year run, full of deferred dreams, fatigue and duress that life brings along, it only made sense (even just for a day) to unwind with plenty of food and party opportunities.

It’s what we commonly refer to ”kuambia mwilli pole” (rewarding the body with food), which can easily be translated to mean the act of pampering your tired body with all the slurping and leisure available. This binge on fast foods, cocktails and stuffing yourself silly is the norm for any holidays season.

Now that the holidays are over, you step on the scale and voilà! You see a drastic gain and its worrying. Yet the last thing that you really don’t want to hear from your friends after Happy New Year are statements such as “Whoa you’ve gained a few kilos’.

It’s the third week of January and you wonder why gyms and fitness centers are full to capacity? Well, almost everyone is trying to look good and get down with their New Year weight loss resolutions.

Here are great ways to lose weight after the holidays are gone.

  1. Take BEFORE photos

As much as taking photos of your unfit body may have a bit of distaste, it might be the most important thing you do on your weight loss journey.


The BEFORE photo will encourage and motivate you to stick and adhere to your plans. This will also be a good guidance towards making the right choices on both diets and workouts. Nothing screams joy and achievement like ”I did it ” than a comparison between the NEW you and the OLD you both physically and mentally.

2. Take advantage of others

Scientists have proven that online, in person and in the gym support helps one lose the fat faster than going at it alone. It is healthy and helpful to you If you get a training / Workout partner and a diet friend. Their progress will be your progress and vice versa. It’s not shameful to ask for help and if you have extra change to spare you can go for a personal trainer that you can work with on a daily basis

3. Start a morning ritual

A morning ritual is beneficial in that it helps you have a disciplined approach to the day ahead. This will help you in preparation for the day ahead in terms of what to include or drop out of your powerful plan for fat loss.There is nothing magical about morning rituals only that it will help you avoid missed workouts that may be skipped depending on the day’s activities.

Morning rituals also help in making you sharper and more energized for attacking the day. This ritual can include things like;

  • Drinking 2 Cups of water
  • Workout with superset and intervals
  • Making sure that your breakfast is full of high fiber, protein intake and a bit of starch.
  • This may include foods like Omelette with spinach, smoothies with berries, spinach and protein powder.

4. Stay away from soft drinks 

One of the major sources of calories is soft drinks. People tend to drink twice as much soda as milk or even as much as eight times more than fruit juice. If you feel really thirsty it’s advised to reach for water or in the event that you want something else unsweetened ice tea also does a perfect job.

5. Learn how to measure

Misjudging portions is one of the major undoing when it comes to weight control. You can be an avid exerciser and keep up your routine with regards to fat loss but if you continue to divide yourself portions sizes that are in excess of the recommended then your fat loss is futile. Measuring spoons and cups especially for full-fat salads and even dairy will help you maintain your fat loss journey without sabotaging it.

6. Appreciate small milestones

When it comes to weight loss, it is wise to be careful and not go in too hard. Over-exercising in the gym and restricting yourself too much when its time for calorie intake can have very adverse effects on your body as a whole. Even the fittest people always take note of maintaining a balance of their energies. A drastic weight loss result most likely yields muscle loss and puts the body at an even higher risk of regaining that weight. Allow yourself time to see the results and appreciate your efforts.




7.Drink water

In so many occasions, most people often tend to mistake thirst for hunger. Drinking water also helps you attain a ‘full stomach’. There are countless benefits of taking water, hence when you want to sit down for a meal or even as you are eating, drinking water helps to fill in the volume in the stomach thereby reducing consumption of large portions.


There are some people often tend to binge eat when they are stressed. Stress comes in various packages. If stress has a grip on your life in whichever way, try learning some stress relieving exercises such as yoga, simple breathing exercises or even take meditation.



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