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Mobile AppsFollowing my guide on how to choose the best mobile app for your child, I now take you through some of the interesting local applications and solutions for children that I have come across.

1. Tichaa
This is an Android based app that introduces kids between the ages of 3-7 years to the Swahili language using picture puzzles.
The game is engaging, interactive and fun with colourful pictures and a voice that give pronounces the word of the item once the puzzle is complete.

Category: Educational Game


• 200+ colorful puzzle pieces
• 23 jigsaw puzzles of various objects with Swahili names.
• No Ads or In-App purchases.
• Easy to use interface no confusing menus or navigation.
• Support tablets and big screen phones

Cost: Its free to download. Other levels to attract a fee
Mobile Platform: Android only
Suitable Age: From 3yrs

2. Simiyu the Chicken
Guide the super chicken named Simiyu through 40 action packed platform levels and unlock a mission for Simiyu. Simiyu the chicken has been to space and back, and boy he is ready for some thrilling action. His ultimate success depends on you, and you can bet he is already such a hero

Category: Fun Game
Cost: Its free to download.
Mobile PlatformAndroid only
Suitable Age: From 3yrs

3. Eneza Education
This is a mobile based solution targeted at students that aids in revision using feature based mobile phones (mostly referred to as Mulika Mwizis)
Students use sms to take quizzes, mini-lessons, as well as get tips and tricks based on their marks.
The school, teachers and parents also get to see the child’s performance as well as advise on how to help the child improve in their weak areas.
Category: Education
Cost: Ksh. 30 per month for unlimited content. No extra service provider charges
Suitable Age: From 9 yrs

Genii Games
Genii Games

4.Genii Games 
A Nigerian gaming startup behind the Àsà brand with a vision to preserve and promote the countries Rich African Culture using technology. Its mission is to stimulate the interest of kids aged 2-12 years in subjects relating to indigenous African culture.

African Folktales is an app with  a growing selection of popular African Folktales. Characteristic of our folktales are moral undertones for kids to imbibe. Other features include folksongs, sharing etc.

Category: Supplementary reading material
Cost : Some of the apps are free, some attract a fee
Suitable Age: 2-12 years

Check out their other exciting apps like The Monkey’s Quest,  The Gluttonous kid and the Lazy Chicken 

5. Dream Africa
Available on Android and Apple devices, DreamAfrica app provides e-books of African stories for US$99 per year to users in North America and Europe and US$1 per month to users elsewhere, and also features DreamStore, an online retail store with products with designed inspired by their characters.

Category: Story books, Fun Games
Cost : Some of the content is free, some attract a fee
Suitable Age: 3-13 years

6. Leti Arts
Leti Arts is an African media company bringing the Continent’s rich folklore to life through digital comics and mobile games.
The True Ananse, an exciting digital comic book series and mobile game re-imagining the ancient tale of the African trickster god. Caught in a web of lies and deceit, Kweku Ananse was cast from the realm of immortals and imprisoned on Earth. For centuries he has brooded, plotting his return to the heavens, until one unsuspecting boy crosses his path.

Category:  Fun Games
Cost : The first issue  is free
Suitable Age: Above 5years
Also check out  Africa’s Legends by the same developers.

 What to look out for

Safari Tales
SafariTales is an education and entertainment mobile application made for Africa by Africans inspired by the diverse and rich African Culture. It is currently developed for the Android market for children between the ages of 2 – 9 years. The app will contain Folk Tales, Poems & Tongue twisters, Songs- Nursery Rhymes & Lullabies, Learn Kiswahili
as well as upcoming Kiddie events.

Availability on the Google Store: Mid February 2014
Category:  Supplementary reading material
Cost : Non premium content will be free with premium content attracting a charge
Suitable Age: Above between 2-9 years

That’s it for now, I will revise the list when new apps are available.

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