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Women are known for looking pretty and dressing in the latest fashion. Well from my experience not all have a good time dressing up. This is because people have different body types. Today, I am not looking at the slim and plump topic (not entirely) but I’m looking at the breasts/boobs. This is a matter close to my heart. I have always had a large bust, something that happens to be a plus when you are older but not when you are young.

My friends constantly made fun of me when I was younger. It wasn’t a good experience and since my bust size was larger than my age I had problems getting boob-tops and bras. Even my mother made fun of my boobs thinking that she was helping me by making light of the issue, trying to make me not view it as a problem or a curse. This did not help. I learnt to keep to myself and developed a low self esteem. I would hate running during cross country every Wednesday at school because it only emphasized the problem I had. I did not feel comfortable in my own skin. It took one of the female teachers advising me to put on a corset to get my mum to seriously consider other options. She looked at me and thought a corset was not age appropriate for me and we embarked on the long journey to make me comfortable.

The journey begun with having to raid stores in search of body suits (as I referred to them, don’t know if that’s there real name) to work as added support. The ones I am referring to are vests with a clingy material that stretches and are truly comfortable, I didn’t wear the full length ones. On top of that we changed what I wore from boob-tops to bras. At this time I was only in class 5, yeah, a bra for a class 5 pupil. It took a toll on me since I was in a boarding school.

Here is the thing, once our children start going through puberty, we need to address the different changes. It is difficult to juggle work, children, yourself and your partner (if any). This is why raising a child is a community effort, so you can ask for help. If it is something like bra fitting for a training bra you can consult a professional. They have seen more than you have, ask them to talk to your child while fitting them,it may help. First make sure she actually knows her stuff, so she can educate her to know that she isn’t so different, she is just special. The teachers too can play a role, all you have to do is ask when you realize the changes and be as supportive as you can. Everyone is different, we all go through different experiences, so it is easier to get someone who know how it feels to walk in those shoes. Like my case for instance, if you are small busted but get a large busted child, it would be best and easier to hear from a large busted person.

So why is it so hard  to find the right bra. What does one do to solve this problem? Here are some of the  ways of knowing a wrong and right bra and hopefully offer insights that will help you acquire the right one for you.

How to know you are wearing the wrong bra.

  1. If one is wearing an underwire bra, the tips should not stick out or dig into the boobs.
  2. The straps of your bra should not dig into your shoulders, hurt and leave marks. That means the entire weight is carried by the straps.
  3. The band of your bra at the back should not ride up, it should not be at your shoulder blades.
  4. The cups should not allowing the boobs to hang at the bottom of the bra, at the side of the bra, or at the top of the bra.
  5. The strapless bra should not slip down.
  6. The bra should not make your boobs look like they’re sagging or pressed too much to your chest.

There are several problems that people experience but the above are more common. The things you need to know are:

  1. Have your measurements of your chest taken. That is when you lift your boobs and are measured just below you boobs. This helps know what band (the elastic and material held by the straps) you wear. The band should not be too big or it will ride up nor too small that it hurts or cuts of circulation. It should be the right size so it lies horizontally on your back.
  2. Cup size (where your boobs go) will be easy to pick with a professional. Make the sacrifice and go to a store that actually has a person to measure you before they fit you. The cup size that is meant for you is the one that lifts your boobs, they fit perfectly in the cup (no hanging out what so ever or too tight). There are various cup sizes. They range from A to K. so don’t be afraid to try out till you get your size.
  • The straps are not supposed to do all the work. The band is meant to bear most of the weight. Thus, if the straps are digging into your shoulder you should get a smaller back band size.
  1. If wearing an underwire bra, the underwire should rest against your chest without a space/gaping. If it is resting away from your chest the cup size is smaller than it is supposed to be. It should fit well and encases the bust and doesn’t dig into any breast tissues.
  2. When wearing a strapless bra ensure to get the right size. If it is slipping then it is big and you should get a smaller band size.
  3. The cup should be smooth. If it has wrinkles it is bigger than it should be. You could get a smaller cup size or adjust with padding.

There is a lot of information out there that is useful. In my aim to get a bra I found out that there are many people suffering from the same problem. Make the sacrifice and go to a professional store. It will be an investment since the right bra will boost your confidence, posture, give you a figure that will look good in any dress you put on. One needs to exude confidence for people to see it. You will have a whole new experience once you are comfortable and looking and feeling gorgeous!

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