Here are some kids’ holiday events that might interest your child

We are barely into the two –month school holidays and parents are still looking for ways to keep their kids busy and out of trouble until school resumes. While there are many articles on how to keep them busy, there are not any on specific events a child can participate in during the holidays.

I chanced on a few as I was looking for activities that children with special needs can enjoy. Unfortunately, I did not find any activities for children with special needs but will keep on looking.

My research also revealed that parents residing in the major counties in Kenya also lack activities for children to enjoy most of the event organizers just concentrate on Nairobi. If you are an event organizer, this presents a great opportunity for you.Here are some of the events,

For Teenagers,

  1. VAMEP

If you have a teenager at home this will be the ideal event for them to enjoy.

Activities: An opportunity for your kids and teens to improve on cookery, mentorship, discipleship, serving, community activities, music instruments   

Venue: Praise City Deliverance Church Limuru

Duration: 6th -30 November

Age: Teens and children

Charges: Ksh.2500

Contacts: Praise City Deliverance Church Limuru on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

  1. Hope center sleepover youth camp

 Activities: If you have a teenager at home this will be the ideal event for them to enjoy. There will be mentorship from speaker Robert Mwangi and swimming.

Venue: Hope center on Kongoni road, Hardy, Karen

Duration: 17-19 November 2017

Age: 12-25 years



  1. No apologies teens retreat

Activities: No apologies retreat will revolve around real talk on life, love and sex   

Venue: Sun and Shield school near Kabarak University

Duration: There will be two sessions running from the 15th -25th November 2017

Age: 9-17 years

Charges: Ksh. 12000



  1. Eden Kids club

Activities: Arts, crafts, music, library sessions, life skills, roller skating, creative sports

Venue: Children’s traffic park  

Duration: 6th November  

Age: 3-15years


Contacts: Eden kids club and entertainment group on Facebook

Younger Kids

  1. Daily Vacation Bible school

Activities: The Daily Vacation Bible School will run from under the theme of Iam who Iam    

Venue: Ruaraka Baptist church  

Duration: The sessions will start at 8.00 am and end at 1.00 am.  


Charges: Free Entrance

Contacts: Call 0710859975  


  1. Trinity Chapel Ruiru Kids Day Camp

Activities: Bible lessons, songs, and dance as well as crafts and games.

Venue: The Trinity Chapel in Ruiru  

Duration: 6th -10th November

Age: 4-11 years

Charges: Ksh. 100

Contacts: Trinity chapel Ruiru on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

   Call +254-729-715622 or email to reserve your Child’s space.

  1. STEM Holiday camp

 Activities: If you are looking for a fun way to get your child interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects, then this is your chance.     

Venue: Little Einsten premises on 891 Amboselli Road in Lavington, Nairobi.   

Duration: The 2 sessions will run daily: From 9 am- noon and from 2 pm- 5 pm on October 30-November 24  

Age: The holiday camp will cater to children between the ages of 3 and 12

 Charges: Ksh.6000 for members and Ksh.7000 for non-members

  1. VIPI music camp

Activities: The VIPI music camp will be holding a music and dance camp    

Venue: Amoretti Kindergarten Mirema drive

Duration: 6th November and end on 14 December 2017


Charges: Ksh.12500


  1. Swimming

Activities: We offer swim lessons for toddlers, pre-schoolers, beginners, young adults and adults at your homes. We offer lifeguarding services to your parties.

Venue: Riara Road   

Duration: 30thOct-24Nov2017

Age: All ages

Charges: Ksh.20,000

Contacts: For more information kindly call us or send us a direct message.
Follow them on Twitter on@Tendystreats


  1. Kids food fest

Activities: Cooking, yoga, exercise    

Venue: The Lavington Place, Hatheru road  

Duration: From 7th Nov

Age:8-12 years

Charges: Ksh.2000

11. The Kids Camp Time, Talent & Treasure Camp

  • Activities: What will be covered?
  • Lifeskills4life
  • Talents Experience
  • Kidspreneurship
  • Money 101


  • Nairobi Art centre- 13th-15th Nov 2017
  • PAC University- 16th-18th Nov 2017
  • EAST College, Buruburu- 16th-18th Nov 2017

  Duration: 13th- 18th November 2017 (3 Days per centre) 9.00 am- 1.00 pm

Age: 9 – 13

Charges: Ksh. 8,500  

Contacts: Contact number: 0796769958  


  1. Kids Venture camp

Activities: Christian camp expect the adventure of a lifetime    

Venue: Kasarani Junior School  

Duration: 15-17 November 2017


Charges: Ksh.1000

Contacts: 0712356540      


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