Kids’ Bedroom: Here are Five Principles to Transform it from Drab to Glam

Kids’ bedrooms are some of the most neglected rooms in most houses. In fact, most parents just buy a double decker or twin beds, beddings and totally forget about them.

From there the bedroom houses everything from school books, school bags, clothes, toys that often trip people and so on. I should also mention that there is no color coordination or any form of uniformity when it comes to all the treasure and trash that is kept in these rooms where our most treasured angles sleep.

You will see blinding colors, to very dull ones that would make any child cry. Forget about the new curved TV you have been dreaming about and just go back to this room that you will realize really needs your attention.

There are parents who have tried to ensure that their little munchkins sleep in a good place but despite their best intentions, the results are usually practical but pleasing to the eye. To have a room that meets aesthetic demands, utilizes the available space and is safe for your children is not very easy if you are not an interior design expert. But all is not lost as here are some of the principles that can help you, achieve, all these.

1. Age Appropriate

When designing a room for your child you should consider their age. Children, in this case, are from a newborn to teenagers. A toddler will not have the same needs as a teenager and you should consider their interests as you start the do it yourself project.

If your children are still young, you can get beautiful shelves and racks for keeping their toys. You can also keep their clothes in away from plain sight and at this point, closets can be quite helpful.

If you do not have a closet then you can make use of drawers for keeping their clothes. You can have their drawers colors such as light blue and pink according to their gender. If they love cartoons you can use your talents or hire someone to draw their favorite cartoons on the drawers on walls to make the rooms come to life.

Once they join school, their interests may change and for this group, you can use school charts, maps, a globe, personal writing desk. You may have a conversation with them about their room to ensure that all of these things are in their favorite colors.

To be safe, you can use neutral colors for the furniture so that you do not have to change them every year. The changeable and disposable items, on the other hand, can be changed regularly. These include coverings and pillows.

2. Theme

It is also advisable to work with a particular theme as this will bring uniformity and make things more interesting. A balance between the interests of the child and the parent is important when it comes to determining the room of the child. Your focus should be on themes with longer time for transition. You can work on themes like safari theme, princess for girls, Disneyland concept and jungle land among others.

3. Safety

Safety is a very pertinent issue and all parents worry about it as they make decisions concerning every aspect of the life of their child. In this regard, you should ensure that all the beautiful accessories are secure and will not harm their health in any way. Avoid having any exposed outlets or furniture with sharp corners. Breakable and heavy items should also be kept well out of reach and here, shelves can be of great help to you.

4. Functionality

As much as you want your kid’s bedroom to look beautiful, it is important to add the aspect of functionality to the room. You should have some good storage ideas to help you bring out functionality in the room. For example, baskets are an ideal way of storing things and it is better to label them so that the kids find what they are looking for easily.

Plastic bins can be of great help as well when you want to keep the room neat or for people who live in small places. When it comes to furniture, you should also consider the space in the room. This will determine the pieces of furniture for each room and which one is more important for you.

Since children are likely to bring their friends over for sleepovers, you should consider bunk beds or trundle beds for them. A long, tall mirror for the room as well and all kids love mirrors which can be very entertaining to them. Later on, they will appreciate the mirror when it comes to dressing.

5. Details

You should be very detailed in all aspects of decorating as details are what will make the difference for you. People who are very good at DIY can do this very well. Printing graphics, decorative bunting, and patterned accessories can be very helpful in making the room look detailed. Vibrant and colorful pillows present an ideal way of introducing patterns to a room and so do floral rugs that complement the pillows.


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