Kenya’s Top 10 Food Blogs

One of the dishes prepared by the Pika Chakula blogger
One of the dishes prepared by the Pika Chakula blogger
One of the dishes prepared by the Pika Chakula blogger

Many might not remember  Mke Nyumbani  – A Cookery book written by Alice Taabu or even the television show that culminated to the book’s publication. This book was the winner of its category in the Gourmand-World Cookbook Award 2002 and serves as an excellent introduction for those wanting to try their hand at African cookery, but are uncertain about ingredients or what to do with these ingredients, to create that distinctive African flavour!

Alice Taabu is a household name in Kenya, best known for her demonstration of modern cookery on television. She has hosted the popular televison show ‘Mke Nyumbani‘, for more than twenty years, and the book comprised a selection from over 500 receipes she has created for the viewers. The recipes were designed to be simple and affordable, and use both exotic and indigenous ingredients.

That was before the explosion of the internet in Kenya and before tools like blogs, You Tube and Instagram.

Food blogging has become  very big and lucrative in Kenya. A few weeks ago, Samsung held a one month blogger Challenge that only targeted food bloggers in a bid to market their new brand of Microwave and showcase that one can actually cook using a microwave.

What I love about most of the Food Blogs in Kenya is the fact that they use locally available ingredients and easy to understand recipes unlike existing food websites that use hard to find (and pronounce) ingredients. Perhaps the best part is, some blogs show you step by step photos of the food in different stages thereby helping one tell if their cooking is going horribly wrong or they are on the right track as they try out the recipe.

There are not that many local cookery books and perhaps Mke Nyumbani is the exception thus food blogs cater for the need to come up with new exciting recipes and make  them readily available in such a way that one can prop up their smartphone/tablet or laptop in the Kitchen as try out a new recipe.

We highlight some of the top 10 food blogs in Kenya

1. Pika Chakula
About the Blogger(s)

The Blog has won in the Best Food Category of Kenya’s Blogger Awards 2 years in a row. Although the founder Rajan Solanki was a casualty of the Westgate Attacks where he lost his life, the co-Founder

The site was launched on 9th May 2011 with the aim of improving skills in the kitchen. “Pika Chakula” is a Swahili word that directly translates to “cook food”. We showcase various different types of recipes from around the world ranging from Kenyan cuisines, Tanzanian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Italian & loads more. We currently have over 5000 recipes to choose from and a team of talented chefs to provide you food tips and tricks and answer all your cooking questions.

2. Pendo La Mama
About the Blogger

I am not a chef but I like to cook. I will admit that I’ve made some things that just aren’t edible. So far I am cooking for 1 — my husband. Looking forward to increasing that number. This website is my log of this journey as I learn my husband’s taste buds.


One of Pendo La Mama Blog's recipe
One of Pendo La Mama Blog’s recipe

3. Leo Tunapika?
About the blogger

My name is Gatuiri Mwangi, a newly wed who loves cooking, mathematics and travelling, odd combination I know. I am no trained chef but I try to follow my heart and whatever mood I am experiencing while cooking. Most of the recipes I have created myself while others are interesting recipes I have come across in magazines or online.

4. Healthy Living Kenya

About the Blogger
Anthony Kahonge Mwangi is a self-taught chef who focuses on healthy cuisine, raw vegan
superfoods and seasonal produce as well as wild organic ingredients. Since 2010 He has been selling healthy food to busy hostels neighbours and now does a myriad of products and services that all revolve around health.

5. All Kenyan Recipes

About the Blogger

My passion for food started as a child, I always loved to be in the kitchen especially with my Grandmother in Kamba Land where one normaly uses cow dung, charcoal ‘jiko’ or a stove to prepare a real Kenyan meal.
My Blog has just began its Journey and its my Hope that it grows to a community where I not only share my simple, authentic and nutritious Kenyan Recipes but also help you, your Friends and Family enjoy a real Kenyan meal at Home


6. Kenyan Cook and later Foods and Salads
About the blogger

Hi there! I’m Mutono and I love everything about food and eating. I would gladly taste food from any part of the world. I love learning how to cook delicacies from various countries and communities. I welcome tips and tricks to prepare the most delicious dishes. Rest assured that any recipe shared on this site has been personally prepared by me and I loved devouring it. I spend most of my day blogging and a little time doing office (read ‘Accounting’) work. I am an Accountant but when it comes to food, it definitely comes first. So, let’s get cooking.


7. The Underground Gourmet
About the blogger

I will share my techniques and recipes with produces and foodstuff readily available in Kenya or, due to globalization, East Africa. I cook from scratch, I rarely, use ready-made condiments, spice mix or whatever industrially prepared in my cooking. My specialties, which I loooove to cook, are French, Latin cuisine and dishes with an international flair.

Oh yes, sometimes I will show you how to make some of my drinks. Ehhh, why not, life is not always meant to be lived on a straight line. Cooking relaxes. It is a conduit for creativity. It is fun and provides instant gratification. My blog is to showcase the products found in East Africa and the great dishes which can be created with them.

Chicken Lollipops by The UnderGround Gourmet
Chicken Lollipops by The UnderGround Gourmet

8. Talking to Nelly

About the blogger

I love blogging on food and creating recipes ;). I make Kenyan recipes and other dishes from around the world. I love making Kenyan traditional dishes ,African Dishes and recipes from different places around the globe. Of course, Kenyan drinks, African Drinks and different drinks from anywhere are also included here :).


9. Fauzia’s Kitchen Fun
About the Blogger(s)

They are two friends with the same name who share the same vision and dream.

“Just your average girl, tinkering around her kitchen! I delight over the fact that my ‘work’ will never be done & there will always be something new for me to discover and share.” ~ Fauzia M. Afif

“I look forward to making sure this FKF experience is fun and exciting for each and every one of you!” ~ Fozia A. Najfi

10. Foodie In the Desert who later moved to African Kaya
About the Blogger

I am a big believer that ANYBODY can cook whether you live in a bedsitter (studio apartment) or a lavish duplex, whether your a bachelor who just moved out of home or a wife with 4 kids. I started this blog in Kakuma refugee Camp, I live in a tiny studio apartment and I barely get any supplies so if I can do it so can you. So join me in discovering how to spice up your meals using supplies that you can find in your local supermarkets.

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  1. femmehubke Reply

    I certainly remember Alice Taabu and Susan Kamau! Loved both their TV shows and I appreciate that now the Kenyan cookery scene is online where I live. Here is to healthy meals!

  2. Sly Reply

    It’s a shame that the #1 blogger copies and pastes recipes and pictures from other food websites on the Internet. Yes, there are links to the original sources, but what is the point of the blog if there is no creativity, no input from the blogger that indicates he/she even tested out the recipe?
    Awarding plagiarism raises the questions not only about the integrity of the blogger but also the authority and validity of the awarding organization.
    Many of us food bloggers work hard at our recipes and when we blog, it is from a perspective of authority on the subject. it is therefore shameful to see someone lifting recipes and pictures from others to make a supposed blog.
    Plagiarism is cheating and it is indicative of a lack of creativity.

    I will not hold my breath that my rant will be posted, but its about time someone called out on these cheats.


    • Reply

      Hi Sly We have built a platform for people to share their own recipes at

      We want to reward people with the creativity of their own recipes. We we will be sharing African themed recipes that you haven’t come across online. Drop by and share your recipe today.

      Admin thanks for sharing you can check our new platform

    • admin Reply

      Hi Benjoes,

      Thank you for the kind comments. The catering companies are so many but thanks for the suggestion. We shall see how to do it.

  3. Patricia Reply

    I love love your recipes. I have book marked you on my site!! feel free to check me out too at

  4. Ruth Reply

    Nice stuff there. I see a lot of creativity and I am greatly impacted positively.

  5. Mayuri Patel Reply

    Pika Chakula is where so many of us contributed recipes and yet our hard work goes unappreciated. I’ve been running my own food blog from Mombasa for 5 years now. I am really surprised that anyone outside Nairobi does not get appreciated.

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