Who are Kenya’s Pioneer Bloggers ?

The first Kenyan Blog Awards
The first Kenyan Blog Awards
The first Kenyan Blog Awards

Blogging in Kenya  goes as far back as  2003. Before there was Bloggers Association of Kenya, there was Kenya Unlimited which was Kenya’s Blog webring which aggregated all Kenyan bloggers’ site addresses including their posts – a concept that was also quite popular with Mashada then founded by David Kobia –  A Kenyan in the US. Kenya Unlimited was founded by Daudi Were and run by a team made up of the initial bloggers.

Thus, before  blogging was cool or lucrative (adverts & endorsements), there are those who mostly wrote for fun and for self expression.  Its easy to look at blogging in Kenya now and think that it just started 3 or 4 years ago because this is the time bloggers are appearing in the media or because this is when a lot of corporates are engaging with bloggers professionally.

As we look at some of Kenya’s blogging pioneers, its interesting to note that Blogger was the platform of choice then, this was because, it was easier to set up and more readily available than WordPress then. Things have however changed.

Another interesting fact is that, before the current Blogger Awards, we had the Kaybees. It was however, mostly an online affair where winners got blog badges and bragging rights.

Join me as we look at some of  Kenya’s Blogging Pioneers  and if they are still going strong 11 years later.

Disclaimer:  We only focused on those blogs that were set up  before and in 2005. If there are any that were set up then and no longer exist (Kahenya & Intelligensia et al) we are not able to list them. Let us know of any that we might have left out and it still exists. This is their hall of fame and they need to be recognised, they inspired many of us into blogging.

1. Mental Acrobatics
Started:  2003
Blogger: Daudi Were
Still Active:  Active

2.  KenyanPundit
Started: According to The Internet Archive Wayback Machine, the first post was in April 2004 (The initial Harvard blog no longer exists, it later migrated to WordPress)
Blogger: Ory Okolloh Mwangi
Still Active: No (last updated in 2010)

3. Mshairi
Started:  April 2004
Blogger: (Anonymous Female)
Still Active:  No

Started:  June 2004
Blogger: Male
Still Active:  Last updated in 2013

5. Mama Junkyard
Started:  September 2004
Blogger: Kui
Still Active: Yes

6. Spidey Fun & Couch Potato
Started:  October 2004 & Oct 2005 respectively
Blogger:  Nicholus Gichu
Still Active: Spidey Fun, No (last updated in 2013), Couch Potato – Yes

7. Bankelele
Started:  November 2004
Blogger:  Bankelele
Still Active: Yes

8. Thinkers Room (Later moved to wordpress)
Started:  January 2005 (The original blog started on GeoCities – Closed by Yahoo in 2009)
Blogger: M
Still Active: Yes

9. Things that Go Bump in the Night
Started:  January 2005
Blogger: Bee
Still Active: No (Last updated in 2011)

 10. Maarifa & Tafsiri
Started:  Both started in January 2005
Blogger: Akiey
Still Active: No (Last update 2010 & 2007 respectively)

11. Guessaurus
Started:  February 2005
Blogger: Anonymous (Female based in the UK)
Still Active: No (Last update 2010)

 12. Girl in the Meadow
Started:  February 2005
Blogger: Shiroh Kamau
Still Active: Yes

13. Kipepeo (started on blogger then moved to wordpress)
Started:  February 2005
Blogger:  Anonymous (Female based in Finland)
Still Active: Yes

14. SpiceBear (moved to Not Yet Perfection)
Started:  March 2005
Blogger: (Female located in the US)
Still Active:  No (Last updated in 2010)

15. Farm Gal (Started on blogger then moved to wordpress)
Started:  May 2005
Blogger: (Riri but we are not sure)
Still Active: Yes

16. Gishungwa
Started:  June 2005
Blogger: Gishungwa
Still Active: No ( last update 2013)

17.  Need Compass aka Blue Poet
Started:  June 2005
Blogger: Blue & Wanduma
Still Active: No ( last update 2010)

Started:  December 2005
Blogger: Charles Ng’ang’a Wairia
Still Active: Yes

Were we to liken blogging to the family setting, then Daudi Were is indeed the Father of Blogging in Kenya. Not many people know that.

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  1. Nick Reply

    There are very many names missing here. You forgot Bankelele, Intelligensia, Kahenya, Collins, Ory that go back a decade.

    • admin Reply

      Hi Nick,

      We have edited the blog to include some of the names you have mentioned. We have also given a disclaimer on what criteria we used.

      Thank you for visiting and for the feedback.

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