Kenyans Turn to Social Media to Expose Partners Failing in Child Support

Some of the memes being created about the Deadbeat Facebook group
Some of the memes being created about the Deadbeat Facebook group
Some of the memes being created about the Deadbeat Facebook group

2 days ago, Jackson Njeru a Team Leader at Emali Properties started a face book group  called Dead Beat Kenya. According to the closed group’s description, this is a descriptive term that refers to parents of either gender who have freely choosen not to be supportive parents or who do not pay their child support obligations. Deadbeat dad and deadbeat mom are commonly used by child support agencies to refer to men and women who have fathered and mothered a child but are unwilling to pay child support ordered by a family court or statutory agency.

FROM MY INBOX ” Kudos Jack, I sent a text to my Dead beat ex husband asking him to check out this Page and surprise surprise he has promised to send me some money on friday and to meet with him and our two kids on Saturday to plan the way forward after two years of ignoring us and not giving any kind of support…….. May God bless you”

Within just 2 days of starting the closed group, it has gone  viral with numerous women posting very personal information of their dead beat spouse who disappeared on them either as soon as they learnt they were pregnant or soon after. Posts with the Dead Beat partner’s photos, cell phone numbers, places of work, email address and even residence are appearing in the group that now has over 27,000 members are growing.

Cases of men fathering then abandoning their children have become rampant in Kenya and despite new legislation being put in place to ensure that they continue child support, most never fulfil their responsibility. There are 3.8 Million Facebook users in Kenya according to the last State of Social Media in Kenya report. It is already becoming evident that Facebook will be a very effective tool for naming, shaming and holding the Deadbeat parents accountable. By the time of publishing this post, several of the culprits had already been identified by persons well known to them including their area of residence for those who changed their numbers and went underground.

Alot of men have reacted to these posts blaming the women for not protecting themselves with others finding this a victimisation of men.

Wafula Wa Nyongesa
16 hrs
Mbona warembo ndiyo wanalalamika sana! Before you open your legs for some dude, assess his potential and suitability to be a dad. Do not try to trap men!

The Deadbeat Kenya group though intended for good might affect a lot of marriages and relationships negatively especially in cases where the culprit never confided in their current partner of other children. However, it will get the issue(including the children) the  attention it (they) deserve(s )



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  1. Lus Reply

    It’s high time we single mothers get a voice they’ve deprived ur angles their rights n kudos admin for the good work.

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