Kenyans buy bath soaps more frequently than they do toothpaste; A GeoPoll Study

The competition among brands to capture the attention of Kenya’s growing middle class has seen many companies move from marketing using traditional and conventional means to the digital media.

According to a study by GeoPoll from their monthly mobile survey conducted on household essentials from October 2014 to date with an average of 3,000 respondents per month, some of the top fast-moving consumer brands are Geisha, Ariel, Colgate and Guinness among others.

The report provides some interesting insights on advertisement recall, frequently purchased brands, and brands consumers would not consider buying or recommending.

According to the study, Kenyans buy bath soaps more frequently than they do toothpaste or washing powder.


When it comes to bathing soaps, Kenya’s number 1 beauty soap is Geisha, this could be due to the fact that it is a family soap that gives you your money’s worth. Unlike its close competitor Dettol soap whose size is much smaller at a slightly higher cost.


Ariel seems to be slackening after the hugely successful ‘Mwosho Mmoja‘ campaign that saw it capture the powder soap market. Sunlight is slowly eating into the Ariel market share especially in the urban areas.


It turns out,  Tusker is no longer Kenya’s number one beer. There is a higher consumption of Guinness, especially among female consumers. There is a myth about pregnant women and Guinness, not sure how true it is (I never tried it). The popularity might also be due to it being advertised as a male drink hence the increased consumption by women.


Movit is a new brand of hair treatment that is fairly new in Kenyan market.  However, in that short duration, it has managed to dislodge Nice & Lovely as the market leader.  This is despite Nice & Lovely now being part of the beauty conglomerate, L’oreal.

Check out who the other 4  household brands are.

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