January fashion essentials for 2016

January fashion essentials sunglasses

January promises a lot of sun and sometimes a little rain. But Nairobi is mostly hot in January. Nairobi residents joke that January seems to have a thousand days (they are not so wrong as January & February are 31 day months).

Of course, not everyone has the cash to invest in an entire new year’s wardrobe every year. Instead, we can focus on valuable and classic add-on to re-fresh your look without breaking bank.

Bags, shoes, and other fashion accessories have this amazing way of adding personality to an outfit and lift one’s spirit. They also make sure you look amazing and on-trend without spending your entire fortune on brand new outfits.
Here is a list that will most definitely add colour and extend the festive cheer to “njaanuary” as popularly referred to on social media.

Floppy hats
Floppy hats add glamour to the simplest of outfits. They are an edgy, carefree way of shielding your face from the sun. You can try a straw hat for a vacation feel. Straw hats come in unfinished hobo styles or finished elegance with chiffon wraps around them. They are best worn with maxi dresses or colorful loose-fitting pants for church or Sunday brunch with the girls.

January fashion essentials floppy sun hat
January fashion essentials- floppy sun hat

African print kaftan
Kaftans are a beautiful way to get through the weekend. Outdoors events, church and weddings are the best events to rock an African print Kaftan. kaftan are light and comfortable and still look elegant and graceful.

January fashion essentials African print caftan
January fashion essentials African print caftan

Maasai Sandals
Weekend wear is never complete without a colorful pair of Maasai sandals. They are perfect paired with dresses, jeans, kaftan, for weekend events or a casual Friday outfit for the liberal work place. With the January heat, these are a perfect pair to combat the heat and let the pedicured toes breathe.

African jewelry
Chunky neck-pieces: Chunky neck-pieces and Maasai beaded cuffs are a perfect way to add colour to a formal outfit. They pair well with any color outfit as most of them are multi-coloured Maasai beads.
Brass earrings perfect for weekends, outdoor events and casual Fridays. They will not oxidize when exposed to air thus are long-lasting accessories.

January fashion essentials African jewellery from the Turkana collection
January fashion essentials African jewellery from the Turkana collection

Light and colorful scarves
You can thrift an array of colourful scarves that go with the outfits in your wardrobe. Chiffon is the best fabric for such scarves. When it comes to using a scarf as one of your main accessories, the longer the better. That way, you can play with it; use it as a handbag accessory by tying it to the straps or just around your neck carelessly for that weekend look. Get many patterns from polka dot, geometric print, tribal print, animal print to floral scarves.

January fashion essentials Chiffon Scarves
January fashion essentials

Sunglasses, sunscreen and lip balm with sun protective factor
The sun scorches in a Nairobi January. It is therefore essential that you carry with you lip balm with sun protective factor. Nivea lip balm comes with a sun protective factor of fifteen. It is also advisable, to use sunscreen before getting out of the house to protect the skin from sunburn and long-term adverse effects of prolonged sun exposure like skin cancer . Sunglasses are also a must have, both as an accessory and sun protective wear.

January fashion essentials sunglasses
January fashion essentials sunglasses
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