Is your relationship healthy? Here are ways to find out

The relationship between two people always has its ups and downs, something totally understandable because it is the coming together of two different entities who are trying to make their life together.

It is also not strange for people to end up in toxic relationships that cost them their physical and emotional well-being. More often than not many people do not see the signs of a toxic relationship until its too late, and by then, the damage has already been done.

Fortunately, there are ways to know whether your relationship is healthy:


It has a balance

A relationship is healthy of you are able to maintain your individuality even when you are with someone else. This means that you do not end up forgetting who you are or what you like because you are attached to someone else.

Most often than not, some people, mostly women, end up putting their lives on the back burner so that they can do whatever their male partners like. Others adopt the life of their partners so fully that if anything happens to the relationship, they no longer know who or what they are.

According to relationship experts, maintaining your individuality means you are comfortable with yourself, which eventually translated to a happier and better relationship.


You fight fair

A healthy relationship does not mean the absence of a fight. It means that you are able to fight fair.  Some of the tips for fighting fair include, understanding that you and your partner are not perfect; dealing with issues as they emerge instead of piling them up; discussing the issue in a calm manner; and honouring the process by listening and not trying to make assumptions.

Further, resolving the matter and moving will help smooth out bumpers along the way.  It will also make it easier to tell each other when your partner upsets you and opens lines of communication.

Manipulating and attacking your partner will only strain the relationship further, causing loss of trust and eventual loss of love.

You treat each other with kindness

A healthy relationship does not require a one-upmanship, where either one of you wants to be superior to the other or where you need to manipulate your partner to have things your way.

It also means respecting each other; treating each other with empathy; and appreciating each other. Respect and trust are of utmost importance as well in a healthy relationship.


You are intimate

Intimacy is important in a healthy relationship. This goes beyond sex to encompass friendship, familiarity and bonding.  It includes sharing experiences and feelings with each other to bring you closer and even more in tune.  Things like a reassuring touch, listening to your partner, and doing things is one of the ways to build intimacy.

This can be best achieved by improving your communication and trusting each other.

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