Not prepared for Valentine’s Day? We have your back with these helpful tips

If you are like me, your heart is in your shoes because you have not done anything to prepare for the day. You only have to buy your attire, get your hair done, buy nice shoes for the day but wait! That is the least of your problems because you have not done any preparations to impress your significant other on Valentine’s Day!

No present and no grand gesture in mind. You did not fair any better the previous year and were hoping to outdo yourself this year but given the remaining amount of time, you have started to despair.  I have some helpful tips that will prevent us from running around like a headless chicken or just deciding to offer our loved ones a kiss, hug and a very lame excuse instead of what they deserve.

A couple's photoshoot is a beautiful Valentines day gift
A couple’s photo-shoot is a beautiful Valentines day gift
  1. Keep it Simple and Sweet

Look, you are already late in your planning and this means that a grand gesture may not be such a good idea. At this point, keeping it simple and sweet will really help your cause. For instance, instead of going for an out of town Valentines celebration, you can opt to go to one of the best hotels for dinner and a night out.

If you had planned for a grand dinner and do not have money you can always invite your love to dinner at home. You can start with their favourite meal and bring in mouthwatering desserts such as an assortment of pastries, ice-cream or chocolates. Be meticulous in your planning so that it is not obvious that you were not prepared for the day.

  1. Be Clear on what you want

It is very difficult to make good decisions in any area of life if you do not know what you want. Before making your decision, you should be clear about what you want to avoid making any costly and embarrassing mistakes.

If you are thinking of an out of town experience you should start looking online for the best places that are not yet fully booked. Use the contacts on your phone that can help you achieve what you intended within the shortest time possible.

If you are still clueless you can always stalk their social media page to get to know what they really like or for any hints on how to make their day special. It is amazing the amount of information that you can mine from social media. Just remember, you do not have the luxury to keep changing your mind every five minutes because you will definitely be caught pants down.

  1. Let the internet save you

Online businesses have saved many people from embarrassment over time and I suspect that they will continue to do so for a long time. They have been instrumental in ensuring that everything runs smoothly for occasions such as birthdays, weddings, funerals and Valentines days. Sit behind your laptop and start looking for some of the businesses that may sell what you want to buy and deliver it to your doorstep in time.

Some of the best online stores to visit include Kilimall, Jumia and on Facebook, you can find ideal gifts on Valentines Gifts 2018 and  Valentine Gifts that include cakes, wines, flowers, rings and so on.

a couples' spa treatment on Valentines day is one of the most thoughtful Valentines day gifts
a couples’ spa treatment on Valentine’s day is one of the most thoughtful Valentines day gifts
  1. Last Minute Sales/offers

Just as with Christmas, there will be someone offering great last-minute sales for Valentines. At this point, you should note that buying a single plastic rose from a hawker in town may not be the best idea if she is very particular about her tastes.

You have to put some thought into the present despite it being a last–minute present. Malls have some of the best last-minute offers on the best products. You could buy perfumes, gift baskets with an assortment of products, a nice dress and if it is a man you could buy for him a shirt, watch, boxers and so on.

There are also places that will be having last minute offers on services such as a good massage, good manicure and pedicure or a combination of all three. If they love going to the theatre or movies you could also look for some last-minute tickets that may be on offer.

  1. You could always postpone

Given the busy nature of our lives these days, it is easy to see why having to deal with the intricacies of Valentine’s Day midweek can give anyone a migraine. This is, especially, if you have a busy schedule at work combined with other matters such as going to school or having to take care of your children and their needs.

If you are in such a situation and have not made any arrangements you can consider postponing the celebrations altogether. If your partner does not mind you can take them out during the weekend and give them a grand celebration of the love you share. If you choose this path please be deliberate and meticulous about your planning to justify postponing the Valentines treat.

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