I got pregnant even after tying both my tubes-Part 2

Once the doctor looks at you and aks if you came with someone, you know that it might be serious and that is the question he posed to Nancy …she continues to narrate her story. Catch up with part 1 before you continue.

He asks me who accompanied me  I tell him my husband and he calls him inside and starts explaining to us that it’s important for the gyno to handle me so admission was very important. We resist admission, insisting to wait till the gyno comes.

It was necessary for the gyno to see me again because I was still in pain and the results were interesting. We were a bit suspicious because we had a huge inpatient amount and just as many stories go, some hospitals just want to maximize on that. But again we are like, these doctors went to school and are experienced, they know their job, let’s be humble and listen to them.

Unknown to us, the lab guy decided to test again with the urine this time. The urine is clean no infection at all, but again pregnancy is positive! We surrender! So we go back to the doc. The mother in me is telling me that my kids back in the house have no idea where their mom is; they’ll be waiting for me in the evening. I just can’t sleep in hospital nooo!  My husband refuses to get into the doctor’s office and throws the ball to me, saying he’ll be fine with whatever I decide.

Now the pain in my chest is worse and I ask the GP what could be wrong. He reluctantly checks and says nothing is wrong. He actually gets a little annoyed with me and tells me “If I continue arguing with you here I won’t attend to other patients. Come with me I show you who will explain things better than me, “…he leads me out of his office to a certain senior lady nurse and ask her to explain to me why I should be admitted.. hehe that’s how he got rid of stubborn me.

The nurse was so patient and really convinced me. I reluctantly accepted and began the admission process. Another male doc was to fill my file for admission and on reading my file laughed really hard and I threatened to leave his office. He apologized and I laughed too coz seriously nothing was adding up. As he continued to fill my file, the lady gyno came back and attends to me. This is around 6 pm. We go in this time with hubby eager to hear from the expert. The senior lady nurse is there and my good friend GP.

“You know what, I have to admit you and not just only that,” she says. “You have to go to the theatre immediately! ”

She looks at the GP and nurse and asks them if the theatre is free. Alas, this lady is serious, I’m more confused and can’t believe what is happening.

“You see, you have a huge cyst that needs to be removed. Again you have an ectopic pregnancy that can burst your tube any time, I felt it the first time I examined you. Additionally, you are bleeding internally and that’s why you have that pain in your chest! ”

Noticing looks from the GP and the nurse, she names the condition, using terms I forgot as soon as they left her lips.

The GP who had dismissed my chest pain goes like, “Oooh she complained to me and I actually thought she was making up the chest pain story to divert from the issue of admission!

He looks at me and says, “Now you see why I told you she was the best to handle your case?”

It felt like I was watching a movie. My husband was as shocked and confused.  The gyno explains again that my case was an emergency and needs urgent surgery and no other option and that she is afraid if I don’t comply it’ll be a different case if the tube bursts (torsion), a process that is not only unbearably painful but also fatal.

The nurse leads us to the admission room, and they inject me with a drug to apparently clear my stomach; I vomit all the food I had eaten. As I headed to the theatre, I was asking God why this was happening to me and wondered whether I made a mistake to go for BTL. I remember the two doctors saying, “This is a miracle. God has surprises. ”   I begged God to allow me to wake up and go back to my kids.

God is indeed faithful, I woke up only to the doctor explaining to my hubby and showing him the cyst, the embryo sac and the small tubes they had cut.

Image courtesy Times Live SA woman undergoing BTL procedure

Well, the two doctors had assured me that the BTL had nothing to do with either Adenomyosis or the cysts but was obviously the reason for ectopic pregnancy. They also had confidence in the gyno who performed the BTL and had no doubts that he had done it well. All they could say was I was 1/1000 women who conceive after BTL.

In summary, the right ovary released the egg, the follicle that released the egg was filled with fluid instead of being dissolved normally hence forming the cyst on my right ovary. That egg could not pass to the uterus since the tube was severely cut, so instead, it found it’s way through the cavity. The left tube had apparently rejoined and allowed the sperm to pass through meeting the egg in the tube causing fertilization.

By then, my tube was already bleeding and I had a lot of blood in my womb (the liquid that the scan captured but wasn’t clear). So if I had delayed going to the doctor, I could have bled more and the tube would have burst open. So the doctor cut the tubes again, burned them and left them ‘open ‘ to prevent annealing in future.

So how sure I’m I sure that it isn’t going to happen again? Only God knows.

Why was I menstruating and yet I was pregnant? It wasn’t a normal period, I was just bleeding from inside, my uterus was full with blood, it would have definitely continued in a day or so (BTW I bled for four more days after surgery).

Do I regret choosing BTL? No, I don’t think there is any better choice because other all family planning methods fail somehow. I have living testimonies of babies born while moms were on almost all types of family planning protection. Ectopic pregnancy can happen even without BTL.

If I knew the tribulations I would go through before I went for BTL, would it have changed my decision? I guess yes. Who would wish to go through pain and surgeries? I’ve been nursing these wounds (on my ovary, on my tubes and the main one on my bikini area…CS mums know that wound) for 2.5 weeks now isn’t funny at all. It’s painful and irritating that sometimes I cry.

I have been on painkillers but still feel pain. I’m confined to the house with undone hair to date, unable to attend to my daily chores, my husband does most of the work and my young niece helps out. The kids miss their mommy attending to them, the little one always want to play with and be carried by mommy, but I can’t.

Lessons Learnt:

  • Doctors went to school and are experts, they know better, please don’t argue with them with your googled theories. Just like you and I specialised in a certain field and deliver the best in our offices, so do the doctors.
  • Before we jump to conclusions; before we judge doctors, let’s listen. Yes, they make mistakes sometimes, they are just human just like you and me.
  • So should we seek for second, third and fourth opinions? Sure, go ahead if you feel the need to, in my case I don’t think it would have changed anything, maybe just prolong my pain and delay surgery. I thank God for the doctors He sent my way.
  • Never ignore any pain, there is nothing like normal pain, just go for a check-up, it may save your life.
  • Never judge a mom, don’t be quick to comment on how big her tummy is, I went to the hospital with an almost flat tummy, I came back looking 7 months paged, my tummy is big till now, from the gases they used in theatre and constant bloating afterwards.

In an interview with Afromum.com, Dr. Allan Gohole, a gynaecologist, agreed that it is possible for a woman who has had BTL to get pregnant but is quick to stress that it is very rare. He adds that the mother can always go back for a repeat of the procedure in case it happens.

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