How we Chose to Celebrate African Mothers this International Women’s Day

Last night I received a whats app forward from my sister in law. I am in a NepNieces group where we keep each other updated on things going on in our lives.
The forward came at a very opportune time as 8th March is International Women’s day. As we prepare to mark this day, and as most focus on the need for more gender equality and to highlight the many issues that women face especially with the recent happenings in India, we at Afromum have decided to highlight this forward as a way for us to appreciate our African mothers.
This forward was originally on the nuances of Kenyan mothers, however, we realized that it applies to all African Mothers. so here goes.
You know your mum is African if …
1. She has a drawer or a place for keeping paper bags after shopping

2. When she beat u up she
said “unalia nini na ata sijakuchapa?”(why are you crying and I haven’t even started beating you)

3. When she beat you with
pauses; nani(who) *slap* alikuambia (told you)*kick* ufanye(to do) *pinch* hi…vyo! (that)”

4. If she has ever tried to remove anything that looks like dirt from your face with her saliva, even a birthmark.

5. If she asked you questions that had no answers ‘Nimekupea dakika tano uniambie kwanini ulivunja thermos?’(Am giving you five minutes to tell me why you broke the thermos)

6. If after whipping you alikushow “na niskie ukilia uone” (told you ‘Dare I hear you crying)

7. If she responds with “Vunja Yote Umalize” (Break all of them) if you accidentally break utensils made of glass.

8. If she had special plates
and cups 4 guests

9. If she had a list of neighbors and relatives where you could not dare step into.”nione umepeleka miguu huko”(dare I see you taking your legs there)

10. If you fell asleep on the couch but woke up in bed,well covered

11. If every new baby in the family lazima ashonewe sweaterm(had to have a sweater knitted for them)

12. If she threatened to hit you by actually hitting you!

13. When she buys you oversize uniform and says ” hio utavaa hadi class 8″( these will last till class 8)

14. If you did something wrong anakupiga akisema “ni makosa ninapiga si wewe” (she beat you whilst telling you, “I am beating the mistake, not you”)

20. If she spat on a handkerchief to wipe your face when you were young

If you are the originator of this message, kindly get in touch with us and the we shall credit you on this post.
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