How Minet Teachers’ Medical Scheme eases mounting bills from chronic disease management

At the moment, Kenyans are experiencing donor fatigue. No, this is not in relation to aid coming from other countries abroad, this is in relation to the donations they have to make to family and friends.

Every other day there is a paybill number circulating among family and friends for donations to offset skyrocketing bills that have been caused by treating a loved one suffering from conditions such as cancer, hypertension, asthma, diabetes, peptic ulcer diseases, arthritis, cardiac failure, epilepsy, chronic renal disease, schizophrenia, bronchiectasis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, thyroid disease, systemic lupus erythematosus and hyperlipidaemia.

It is not easy for any family with a loved one who has to go through or live with the above conditions. The ailing person does not only have to deal with physical pain, they also have to contend with emotional pain caused by frustrations of having to leave their jobs, children , spouses  to constantly have to go and attend to their condition. The nuclear family also has to bear the emotional and psychological pain of having to care of their loved ones.

All these problems coupled with the rising cost of treatment in the form of drugs, specialised services and special diets can drive any family to the brink of despair. And just like that a paybill is put up only that there are hundreds if not thousands of them and Kenyans who are experiencing donor fatigue may not be so willing to help. Upon prompting you may get some amount but that may not carry you out throughout the treatment process of your loved one.

With this in mind, and tired of constantly nagging family friends and family because of the chronic condition of her husband’s diabetes, Mrs. Alice Wamae resolved to go around shopping for an insurance that would help cover the cost. Now, not many of them would dare touch a diabetic patient with a ten-meter pole let alone one who tagged complications of high blood pressure along. They said it was too risky but isn’t just about anything else in life including crossing the road, wondered Wamae.

The search would still be on and fruitless at that if she had not been forced to attend a meeting in her classroom by sheer circumstances She thought it was going to be one of those long lectures on insurance with the company representatives hoping that they would pass this message to parents who may need to take education policies for their children. You never hear anything specifically tailored for just teachers she mused to herself.

At the meeting she heard of Minet Teachers’ Medical Scheme, an insurance cover that is tailored just for teachers all over the country can take care all of the above chronic diseases. And just like icing to a cake, her spouse could also be added and benefit from the cover. So no more soliciting and collecting money from people as she could get his monthly and daily drugs from the cover, take him to specialists without any trouble. If one is a teacher with dependants, there is really not reason for not registering for the Minet healthy cover.

To enrol in Minet’s Chronic Disease Management (CDM) programmes, fill in a CDM form available at Minet county offices countrywide. The CDM form is available on the website. The CDM team will ensure your drugs are delivered to you and that your progress is monitored regularly.


Biometric Registration is carried out at the service provider’s premises. It follows the steps below:

Step 1: Present yourself at the service provider on our active panel (you can access the list of active providers by dialing *340#)

Step 2: Identify yourself or your dependant with the TSC number

Step 3: The service provider will generate an SMS that contains the One-Time-Pin (OTP), sent to the principal member’s mobile number

Step 4: You will present this OTP to the service provider representative to kickstart the fingerprint registration

Step 5: You will be requested to place your index finger and thumb on the biometric device and the impressions will be recorded against your membership record NB: Children under 5 years of age will be registered under either the parent or an appointed guardian.

Principal member insurance

Ensure you have the below mandatory details:

  • TSC Number
  • ID Number Step 1: Dial *865# from your Safaricom or Airtel mobile phone number

Step 2: Key in your TSC and National ID Numbers when prompted. The details will be verified against our database

Step 3: If successful, you will be prompted to enter your name (surname and other name), role and gender

Once done, you will receive a message confirming your successful registration onto the scheme and a prompt to register dependants.

Dependants Registration

Step 1: Dial *865# from your Safaricom or Airtel mobile phone number

Step 2: Select the dependant you wish to register, i.e. spouse or child

Step 3: Enter Date of Birth, full name, ID Number/Birth Certificate Number If not successful, kindly contact us on our call centre hotline numbers for further assistance.

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