Hair care regimen for a healthy afro

Natural hair care is growing into a lot of African women nowadays. We are embracing the kink on our heads and it is refreshing to see. The way we wear our natural hair is beautiful to witness every day. From short cuts to daring afros that scream, “big hair don’t care”! I am relieved we no longer feel the need to straighten our hair to mimic any other race. While it is important to realize that some people straighten their hair for easier management, it is equally crucial to note the message we send seeking a texture we were not born with.

I have worn my hair natural for about a year now. Growing out the processed hair room a while but I am now relaxer free. It has been a journey of relaxers, texturizer’s, cuts and grow outs the past seven years. I have been looking for a look that suits me and this has sent me to so many hair experiments. Until I realized what works for me- natural hair. Consequently, there are a lot of natural hair care regimen that I have come to appreciate over the past year.

Natural hair
Natural hair

Pre- shampoo
Popularly known as pre-pooing, pre-shampooing is a regimen sent from heaven for all naturalistas. It is also very important in natural hair care regimen as it maintains strength and elasticity of hair. A mixture of coconut oil and hair conditioner is all you need. Apply in to the strands of your hair the night before you wash and you will find it more manageable to wash your hair the next day. The oil and conditioner have to be left overnight to allow them to sip in and to allow the oil to be absorbed.

pre-pooing natural hair
pre-pooing natural hair


Three strand twists
Braiding your natural hair before washing helps prevent a lot of breakage and thus promotes growth. Usually my goal in growing my natural hair is to reduce hair loss by reducing the stress I out on my hair. Washing my hair in three knot twists has helped me prevent a lot of this breakage. The beauty of this secret is that the knots remain into the next step during your wash.

Natural hair in three strand twist
Natural hair in three strand twist

Alternating treatments
Treatments are a natural hair care must. They are not just for relaxed hair. Alternating moisture, protein and cholesterol treatments helps give hair the different kinds of nutrition it requires. I like to think of hair like my body as it is an organ in my body. I give it an avocado and egg treatment one week, and a moisture treatment the other week. This ensures that every need is accounted for and that I am not depriving my hair of one treatment by giving in excess, another treatment. Over the counter treatments also work, in alternation with homemade treatments like the avocado and egg treatment. Alternating brands also helps a great deal as it exposes my hair to the different ingredients in the treatments. This is because one treatment might have more hair care components than another.

Homemade leave-in conditioner
Water, hair conditioner, glycerine and coconut oil make a perfect leave-in conditioner. The moisture is accounted for by water, the best moisturizer nature has to offer, while coconut oil is a natural hair conditioner. Glycerin also works to soften and moisturize the hair while the normal conditioner adds to the role of coconut oil. This mixture is effective and very affordable given the demands of natural hair care. I use it after my weekly wash and mid-week when I feel like my hair is too dry.

Essential oils
Avocado oil for strength, olive and castor oil for stimulating healthy hair growth, wheat germ oil for dandruff and scalp care, and coconut oil for pre-shampoo and conditioning. These oils are essential to natural hair car. The beauty is that they come fairly priced at local beauty stores.

essential oils for natural hair care
essential oils for natural hair care

Ankara turbans and “lesos”
Natural hair is the crown of an African woman. It requires adorning too. Ankara print, lesos and turbans are a perfect addition to your hair accessory list. They add authenticity to the look and bring out the colorful, adventurous and free African woman in my opinion. <

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