The Go Green Kids Festival aims to help your child speak for the trees

The Go Green kids Festival happening at the Karura Forest on 28th May 2016

I am the lorax,

and I speak for the trees

These are the opening lines to the kids animation film Dr. Seuss- The Lorax. It is a story of a boy called Ted who together with his mother and grandmother live in Thnidville- a plastic closed estate devoid of any real trees thus they live on bought air which comes packaged in water bottles. Ted has a crush on an older girl – Audrey, who shows him what actual trees look like through a mural she had painted on a at the back of her house. Audrey confesses to Ted that if anyone got her an actual tree, she’d probably marry him right away. This prompts Ted to set off on a quest, with the help of his grandmother to find a tree for his crush.

Dr. Seuss- The Lorax animation Movie
Dr. Seuss- The Lorax animation Movie

It is a simple yet very gripping story that tackles the complexities of science, environmental degradation, the effects as well as what  a difference young boy can make standing up to exploitative corporates to help a whole community realize the importance of trees to  their lives and their survival.

Like many children’s animation films, The Lorax characters break into song every so often in the film with easy to remember and sing along to songs.

Our daughters fell in love with the movie soon as the watched it once and soon started using phrases like

I am Ted
I speak for the trees

I realized this was an important opportunity for me to really break down the essence of the film to them in relation to what Dr.Seuss intended; for us to grow a generation of kids that understand and appreciate the role of trees in their lives. Kids that appreciate the delicate relationship as well as how they can actively be involved in protection of trees, replanting and so on.

A Festival for Kids & the Environment

The Go Green Kids Festival is an annual event that is set to take place on Saturday 28th May, 2016 at the Karura forest. organized by Greyfos Consulting, the event seeks  to provide children
and their families’ inspiration and knowledge to get outside, play in and explore nature -ultimately become stewards of the environment and advocates for conservation.

The Go Green kids Festival happening at the Karura Forest on 28th May 2016
The Go Green kids Festival happening at the Karura Forest on 28th May 2016

Why Go Green Kids Festival

• In order to cater for majority of children who care deeply about environmental issues and who wish to make a positive change to the environment around them
• It provides an ideal way for fostering environmental awareness in them in a way that links to many curriculum subjects.
• Unlike other Kids Festivals that are just for fun the festival takes children on adventures of discovering nature to protecting it, giving them clear steps to take and opportunities to realize the impact.

Festival Activities
With 10 outdoor activities, lasting 15 to 30 minutes each, the Go Green Kids Festival creates a fun field trip for children to enjoy as they learn.

The Festival theme is T is for Trees. As such, Many tree-inspired activities will be undertaken including tree-planting. The activities are linked to the following curriculum subjects:
• science,
• literacy,
• math,
• many terrific crafts and paintings

The festival will interact with clients brands and products through brand endorsements and children interactions.

The Festival is organized in such a way that it happens a week to World Environment Day (WED) 2016 celebrations and borrows from WED 2016 theme:

Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.

For more information on the Festival, please visit

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