Fun outdoor activities for you and your child to enjoy this weekend

Painting: One of the fun activities for you and your kids

The weekend is coming up and your kids may have all the time to play away the boredom. Taking them outdoors for fun activities may be the answer to keeping your kids away from the TV or internet.

Here are some fun activities to consider.

  1. Discover your  yard

For younger children, discovering things is one of the fun things to do. The advantage is your yard or neighbourhood is the best place to do this. You may decide to create a list of the things to discover beforehand or you write down the items you discovered during your hunt or afterward.

Switch from the big things to the little things to make it more fun. If you can get a magnifying glass the better, your children can turn into nature detectives.

  1. Hide and Seek

We have all played this game and since it is a popular game, it is an ideal game for children and parents. The variations in this game can be made in mixing up the counting, creating a home base where one can hide to be ‘safe’ and even making more than players the finder.

The best thing is that it requires no equipment and you can engage the neighbourhood kids and have a blast!

  1. Nature Collage

With a plain paper (Usually A3), glue and natural material from your backyard or estate, you can play this fun game of creating a nature collage.

Start by making the children collect ‘treasures’ from the yard, which will be glued onto the paper.  This could be part of the discovering nature game mentioned above. Remember to guide your children in picking safe to use material and to wash their hands after the game.

Make this game fun by cutting the paper into various designs, and giving your children the freedom to select their favourite.  Pin up the end product for the children to see their work.

  1. Painting/Drawing

Inspire the artist in your child by teaching them to draw and paint nature. The outdoors will provide the best subject for this. From your veranda or balcony, you can set up a table or even use the floor as your studio.  Witt the inspiration from their surrounding, your child should be able to choose their subject and draw or paint it.

A variation of this game is to let them pick items in their neighbourhood and paint them. This could be trees, fruits, and even items from the house like bottles and bowls.

  1. Biking

If your child has a bike, consider joining them and their friend for a bike ride within the estate. This is beneficial to both you and your children as it creates an opportunity for bonding and for relieving stress in a fun and exciting way.


Keep in mind:

  • Safety first: ensure your child has the right gear for whatever activity you have planned.
  • Take necessary breaks
  • Make sure they learn the rules of the game and that they don’t go beyond their skill level
  • Ensure they pay attention to their surrounding


So, go on and have fun with your kids.


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