Fun Easter activities to do in your home


It is that time of the year again!  The time celebrated by Christians all over the world, in commemoration of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. It is also the time when Easter bunnies and chicks visit our homes, when kids marvel and revel in all the Easter eggs discovered from treasure hunts, when steaming-sticky-sweet hotcross buns are galore! Easter also heralds a new lease of life upon the face of the earth, a fresh burst of colour and life –SPRING!

This 2016, Easter falls on Sunday the 27th of March, Good Friday on the 25th and Easter Monday on the 28th; a nice long weekend for families to enjoy some quality time together!

If you are not travelling or going on a family outing this Easter holiday, why not make the event special for your children right in the confines of your home? Whether it’s making Easter crafts, going on an Easter egg treasure hunt or baking and cooking delicious sweets and treats, your kids are sure to have an absolutely fantabulous time!

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Decorating Easter Eggs


Children generally love to make arts and crafts and decorating eggs during Easter is no exception. Instead of doing the traditional egg dyeing and painting, why not get a tad more creative this Easter? Two wonderful and simple DIY ideas you could try out with your children are glitter eggs and sprinkle eggs. The ‘ingredients’ required to make both are simple and easy to find. These eggs are however decorative eggs (unfortunately inedible) so if you’d rather not use hard-boiled eggs, you can get styrofoam or faux eggs from a craft shop.

To make sprinkle eggs, follow this simple guide. If you do not find some of the ingredients mentioned, why not improvise with a creative alternative? I am probably going to use rainbow-coloured thousands (used for decorating cupcakes) if I do not find pastel nonpareils.

To make glitter eggs, all you will need is glitter, hard-boiled/faux eggs and glue! Stephanie  Pizzutl shows you here how to make them.

If you’d like to go the extra mile, there are other really beautiful egg-decorating ideas you could try out with your kids this Easter.

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Your children will love every moment of egg-decorating as well as the end-result (hopefully!) so try to make this Easter extra-special by granting them the opportunity.

Easter egg treasure hunts


Treasure hunts are another activity children absolutely love. These can be done either outdoors or indoors or in both areas. All sorts of Easter eggs, sweets and chocolates can make up the treasure that goes into the basket. You want to hide these goodies in places that are not-too-difficult to find so that excitement is maintained throughout the hunt! Examples of hiding spots could be: under a pillow, in a school bag, in the breadbin, behind the TV, in the washing machine, behind a bedside lamp, in a flower bed, behind a pot plant, on a bicycle seat, on top of a swing, beneath a favourite tree…and the list goes on. When I last prepared a treasure hunt for my kids, I included one or two spots that were less obvious to find and these eggs were only discovered a day or two later, much to their pleasant surprise! Providing clues for the treasure-hunt makes the process a whole lot more fun. The clues you provide will obviously depend on the literacy levels of the children involved. I came across a number of amazing rhyming clues you want to use if you decide to prepare a treasure hunt for your child/children this Easter.

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Cooking and Baking


Cooking and baking is another activity children totally love! Whether its egg recipes, hotcross buns, bunny biscuits, chocolate treats and anything else sweet and/or fun, it’ll be loads of fun getting aproned up and busy with your kids in the kitchen this Easter. Some simple Easter kids’ recipes you may find worth trying can be found here.

Here’s hoping one or two of these home-compatible ideas will enable you to create a memorable Easter for your child!

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