Four fun games to get your child’s creativity flowing

Creativity is important for your child’s physical, emotional and mental growth. It is one of the ways to help your child think out of the box and see alternatives to life questions. Creativity also helps with improvisation, using usual things in unusual ways to achieve a goal.

Now with children at home for holidays, you can still work on their creativity in various interesting ways, including the following games:

I know a word

This game involves working on a child’s pronunciation and memory. You start off the game by telling the child to say words that are similar in sound to a sound in a certain part of a word, for example, I know a word that starts with the same sound you hear at the beginning of car.”  The children should give you words that start with the ‘c’ sound. You can go on and on, change the sounds to get the child to work on their speed and thinking capacity.

The older the children the more advanced the game should be, for example, getting them to guess a word by giving them specific letters in it.

Silly Contest

In this game, a child’s creativity and improvisation are put to test. Ask the child to draw strange figures of animals,  their favourite pets, the world and so on. You can also make them create wacky dancing styles or come up with an odd recipe to some of the popular meals they have eaten or seen.


Instead of the usual ending to your child’s favourite stories, get them to tell you a different ending.  The story will provide a basis but the child can change whatever they want in the story. This would allow them to create a whole new world and generate language as well as work on their pronunciation.

You can also get them to act out their favourite characters.

Create new things with old stuff

Basic household stuff can come in handy in teaching creativity. Use things such as toilet rolls, old t-shirts, and papers to come up with fun yet creative products such as origami and even collage.

You can also get them to take things apart and either try to recreate the original or come up with a whole new product.


These activities are not only fun, they are also educative. Even more fun thing to do is to get into your child’s fantasy world to see how they think and how you can tap that into your daily interactions.



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