Four experiences to share with your child and make this August holiday so much fun

Schools are closing this week for the August holiday and there are a lot of things to catch up on with your child. From school work to social activities, there are so many discussions to have.

For many, having the children home from school could be a nuisance and an interruption of a relatively organised time when children are in school. But it does not have to be like that.

There are ways to make the holiday as much fun for the children and for the parents. Here are some experiences to make your holiday fun and tolerable.



On holidays most parents take their children upcountry to visit their grandparents. If this is not possible, there are some other forms of travelling that both parents and children can enjoy without breaking the bank.

A road trip to some culturally interesting areas where the children can learn something about their country and themselves.  Make it as interesting as possible, allowing the children to plan some activities and prepare for the trip. A picnic by a lake, a rock climbing adventure, a walk in nature trail has a number of benefits to you as a family.

Your minds will not only open to new things but you’ll also be able to catch up with each other’s lives, thus strengthening your family.


For many children reading is such a school-thing and they might not want to see a book again until they go back to school.

However, you can change this by encouraging them to read fun novels that they will not usually encounter in school.  Get them to read sci-fi, comics, creative non-fiction and so on.

Have them read out loud to you too, it will improve their reading skills and confidence.

Better yet, you can have them listen to audio books. Just make sure they are fun and interesting.

Encourage kids to hang out

Encourage your kids to spend time with other kids from your neighbourhood and kids from family friends. There are many ways to do this:

Hold a small gathering for the children to allow them to interact with each other and learn more about themselves. Include fun games and activities…and make sure you get consent from parents.

Encourage kids to engage in charitable and community activities to make them more empathetic and aware of their surrounding.


Don’t forget to see what they have been up to in school

As much as it is fun to just let kids be kids over the holiday, keeping track of their school performance is important. Set time aside to talk to them about school and what they have been doing. Ensure they finish their holiday assignments if any and get them ready to face a new term.

Importantly, listen to what they have to say without being judgmental and without punishing them because this will only make it harder for them to come to you if they have difficulties.



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