First Lady’s Beyond Zero campaign raises concerns with Kenyans Online

Kenya's First Lady Margaret Kenyatta at the launch of this year's First Lady Half Marathon
Kenya's First Lady Margaret Kenyatta at the launch of this year's First Lady Half Marathon
Kenya’s First Lady Margaret Kenyatta at the launch of this year’s First Lady Half Marathon

Last Sunday 6th of March saw the much anticipated Beyond Zero’s First Lady Half Marathon (FLHM) take place in Nairobi with a number of roads in the CBD closed.

It is an initiative by the First Lady of Kenya Margaret Kenyatta formed In January 2014 to partner with the government in reducing maternal and child mortality by equipping every county with a mobile clinic.

Although many have lauded the First Lady for this initiative and for being so active in support close to her heart, there was a section of Kenyans online who were critical of the campaign, the initiative as well as the fact that the Ministry of Health (MOH), which had failed to provide this basis service to pregnant mothers, was one of the contributors to the Beyond Zero campaign which is a private initiative.

In essence, what is happening, many argued, is the privatization of solutions to public problems. The fact that MOH is run using Tax payers money raises concerns on what is now becoming acceptable- That Kenyans still need to fundraise for basis health care.


This is  happening at a time when Kenyans wake to news of corruption and lost public funds every other day with the most recent cases involving National Youth Service (NYS) funds and the Euorobond still fresh in most minds.

A cross sections of Kenyans Online were somewhat conflicted on this matter as this is the first time we are seeing an active President’s wife and one who is rallying behind a cause with such passion and commitment.

Kenya is yet to deal with rampant corruption that continues to affect the delivery of many basic services such as health even as the current Jubilee government and the current president Uhuru Kenyatta seeking a second term in office in the coming General Elections in 2017.

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