Fashion: 7 tips to create your own style

Some people just stand out; they are always smart and seem to have a great sense of fashion only that it is not similar to what trendy people like to put on.

There is a great difference between being trendy and having your own style. The latter means going with what is in vogue at the time and once everyone is done and moved on to the next thing you do so as well while the former means putting on clothes that suit and defines who you are.

The beauty of having your style is that you do not have to keep up with the latest trends which can be very expensive and can render some of your clothes useless before you are done with them.

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Another advantage is that having your style defines you meaning that you will never uncomfortable as in the way some people feel in trendy outfits. In some instances, you can mix what is trendy with some of the outfits in your closet and create your style. I have a friend who mixes skinny jeans with nice traditional tops in various styles and patterns and we have come to appreciate her style which is very beautiful.

So how does one come up with their one style? Here are some tips to help you,

  1. Trust your instincts

There are different textures, patterns, styles, shoes, and accessories out there and it is easy to get confused but you should trust your instincts to get it right. You can try out the different types of clothes at your disposal and keep whatever makes you feel comfortable, define you and the where you are in life at the moment.

  1. Look for inspiration

Back in high school, I knew a girl whose sense of fashion was heavily influenced by India Arie, an American singer-songwriter, actress, musician, and record producer. This meant Bantu knots for the hair, neatly wrapped turbans, long dresses with African influenced patterns, traditional accessories and so on. Apart from looking for people with similar interests to yours, you can also check in celeb magazines, fashion blogs and you may just find some materials and types of clothes that might add to your sense of style.

  1. Better shopping

You have to be keener when shopping and flea markets such as Gikomba can help in this because the chances of getting identical pieces to what other people are wearing are very slim. You can also try shopping online as there are people who specifically cater to a certain niche and this can help you shop faster and according to your style instead of just going about it blindly.

  1. Consider your lifestyle

 Your lifestyle really matters when you want to come up with your style. Here, you should consider the kind of persona that you want the world to see, after all, you addressed the way you dress right? You should also consider your career because if you are a banker you cannot dress the same way that journalists or artists dress. Additionally, your style should also reflect your long-term goals and not buy for the short-term.

5. More accessories

Accessories play a very big role in bringing together a particular outfit or style. For example, if you are going for the polished, sophisticated look you can go for pearls. If you like African outfits you can compliment them with African jewelry. I am always in African jewelry and wear them to the office and with casual wear as well. Some people love scarves and they come in various fabrics such as woolen, cotton and so on. Your hair can do with some clips, hair bands, turbans, hair scarves and so on.


  1. Ask for help

You may want a particular kind of styles but may not have the expertise on how to achieve it. For instance, you may be in love with love jeans and everything about you screams denim, denim and more denim. You might need help in finding the different ways you can wear denim and not be monotonous. If you love traditional pieces you may need help in finding the best designers, tailors or great designs. Do not be afraid to allow a professional designer to guide your hand when choosing the best pieces for you.

  1. Try something new

Do not be afraid to try something new of you feel the current style is not working for you or you want to have a new look. If you are in search of a new look you can start by taking photos of yourself in various outfits. Do not be disappointed when some of them do not look good on you and keep trying. Take many photos and you will know where the problem lies because photos will not lie to you the way your better half or girlfriend may lie to you.


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