Exam memes to cheer you and your child up

Exam time can be very difficult for some people and this is, especially, if you did not read, if you read the wrong thing or read but did not understand anything. There are those who get to school and are actually surprised that there was an exam in the first place! As serious as exams might be there are funny moments as well as shown by the memes,

1.This usually happens when you are totally blank but you are embarrassed to hand in a blank answer sheet.

2. This actually happens to the best of us despite our best intentions. We mean to study and actually keep short notes to revise when we are free but life just gets in the way and suddenly you have an exam to pass!

3.In class, the teacher will mark your work and give you the best marks as well as a pat on the shoulder for a job well done. When you go home there is some struggle with homework but you manage with help from your parent or guardian.But when exam time comes, all hell breaks loose and there is nothing you can do about it.     

4. Geometry bye! Enough said about geometry

5. Just because you are their favorite student do not think that you will get any help from them. They will just ignore you and go back to whatever they are doing.

6. If you did not revise for your exams, He will not help you in any way. Forget about it and just try to remember what you may have grasped during your lessons in class.

7.This happens a lot and it is actually one of the worst things that can happen to you. However, once a particular paper is gone you should focus on the next one and do better. Leave the ones arguing about the answers they got to their devices.


8.And the pressure! pressure from our parents!


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