Enough with the Boxers and watches for Valentines; 8 Gift ideas to try out

A man can only have so many boxes and watches. Essential as they may be, and required for everyday use, they are not the only items a man can get as gifts.  Well granted, no one is supposed to look at a gift horse in the mouth but the men have sent me to tell women that the monotonous gifts do not inspire anyone to rush home from the office on Valentine’s Day or any other day that requires exchange of gifts for that matter. Apparently, we do that a lot and changing designs and colors does not fool anyone!

Oh so you think men are not so much into gifts but even the bible has laid it bare that you can get into the presence of high place people by simply carrying a gift. That is how much gifts are important to people. Well at least there are those who go to the trouble of buying gifts at all, on the other hand, some just come swinging their two hands like tired pendulums but will proceed to wine, dine and expect much from the date and finally go away offering nothing. Well these are just women on another level and we will talk about them another day.

Well, after talking to the men am not going to put their thoughts as colorful as they put theirs, but quite a number admitted to being put off by the poor gift giving of women who are supposed love them. One Jeff Kamondia said he is still appalled by the insensitivity shown by his current girlfriend who only does taking, taking and more taking and the only thing you will see on your birthday is a boxer and good luck if it gets any decent wrapping. The situation is usually replicated with many other couples with women jumping to the roof, giggling like school girls and calling their girlfriends to announce their gifts while the guy has another boxer or watch.

In the women’s defense, however, it is not so easy to buy a man a gift. They love dull colors and the selection for the things that excite them is usually very costly. But this does not mean that women should just sit on their laurels and do…….well watches and boxers.  Girls we can do better this time around, let us put some creativity and knowledge of our special men into our gift selection.

Below are some ideas that you can kick around before 14th February and get the best gift for your man.

  1. Weekend Getaway

January was brutal for most people and most guys got into February so tired and full of debts. There is nothing like a weekend getaway to help your man forget the January blues and move on with renewed positivity for the rest of the year. Get online look for the beauty getaway sites, do some research according to the preferences of your man because Mombasa is not everyone’s idea of the ideal place for fun and relaxation.

  1. Art Pieces

If your man appreciates art, there very many galleries where you can get beautiful art pieces that will defiantly be the centre pieces in his house. There are also online galleries that will be convenient for anyone looking for a good painting, sketching for their loved one.

  1. A photo shoot/Mounted Photo

Some men love photos and you can pay for him a photo shoot with a good photographer. Please let him own it and you can appear in one or two photos but let the other ones be all about him. Alternatively, you can mount some of his very good photos at a good studio. It will be a pleasant surprise that his good photos that were just lying in an abandoned album that nobody ever looks into are now out there, well done for everyone to see.

  1. Printed T-shirts

T-shirts are very simple yet when printed with the best designs they can make a man stand out from the crowd. You can add a personalized message on the t-shirt to make it even more interesting and here, you have choices between a good message with beautiful calligraphy, a favorite cartoon, character, science symbols, art symbols, and so on.

  1. Latest Phone

Everyone appreciates an upgrade on their phone and I am sure your man would not mind another phone. By now am sure he has mentioned the phone he would do anything to get. So start looking for the most pocket –friendly deals for phones.

  1. Favorite Book

New books are being published every day and a good book is one of the best gifts you can give a person. You should, however, be careful to choose the right kind of book and not give a romance novel to a person who likes thrillers. A wrong choice of books may just have them sitting on a shelf for years on end until he disposes of them somehow.

  1. Personalized Tea/Beer Mugs

You can personalize a beer mug or tea mug with their favorite quite, a picture of you together, his favorite sceneries or football club. These are good gifts that he can wake up to or can look at whenever he needs to have a drink in the house. A quick look at online vendors can help you with this at the shortest time possible.

  1. Sports Jersey

A sports jersey for the favorite football, rugby, basketball team can really be a good present. Not only does it show that you appreciate their devotion to the game, but also shows that you are ready to support them in it.

The above gifts are not cast in stone and you can look for variations of the above. A word of caution though, if you are looking for the ideal gift you should know their taste and start early to avoid the rush and/or inflated prices.

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