Emirates making it easier to fly with your kids

Emirates Fly With Me Monsters 1
Emirates Fly With Me Monsters 1
A young flyer getting an Emirates Fly With Me Monsters 1

With most kids on break for the August holidays, most of us parents have made various plans for the one month break. For those planning to go on holiday out of the country, you will agree with me that flying with kids can be a nightmare. Especially if for some reason, you have to fly with an infant or any child who needs a diaper change every now and then. Imagine being in a 15hr flight in an aircraft that has no amenities for you as a new parent or your young one.

Travelling with children though rewarding and fun is also challenge in many ways. Alot of airlines have continued to focus alot more on the business class, who  with no doubt, make up a big number of the frequent flyers. However, few airlines have put consideration to the many tourists going on holiday with their kids.

Emirates understands that travelling with children requires special considerations . They  offer priority boarding, changing tables and a complimentary stroller service at Dubai International Airport.


Whether they’re flying alone or with their families, we make sure our youngest travellers receive the utmost care and attention. The special treatment begins the moment you contact us to make a reservation and continues throughout the entire flight experience,says Emirates Country Manager for Kenya Anita Kongson.


Emirates offers separate check-in facilities for young passengers travelling alone, and dedicated Emirates staff members to accompany them to and from the aircraft. They  also provides priority boarding for families with young children, and every plane is equipped with changing tables and bassinets for a parent’s comfort and convenience.

In-flight entertainment for children
Back to the 15 hour flight. How do you keep a child with a short concentration span entertained in time they remain awake and are Bored? Emirates have dedicated children’s channels and brightly coloured headsets to complimentary birthday cakes.


“Whether it’s our great selection of radio, podcasts and CDs, the best in interactive games or our exclusive children’s magazines, there is no shortage of entertainment for your kids. We even offer our own Airshow channel, so your child can experience a pilot’s-eye view of take off and landing and follow the aircraft’s progress,” Ms. Kongson says.


For the gamers,exciting interactive games are available on all flights, including something for children of all ages. They also offer exclusive children’s magazines, filled with stories, jokes, puzzles, and fun facts that are sure to entertain.

Good Food
The airline offers a wide range of special meals thoughtfully prepared for the unique needs and preferences of the Young Flyers.

Baby Meal: While Emirates do advise parents of babies to carry food familiar to and preferred by their babies, a selection of proprietary brands of prepared baby meals are available on board Emirates flights. For children between the ages of 2 and 12 years, Emirates offers tried-and-true kids’ favourites, including vegetarian options.

Special occasions
If your child is travelling on his or her birthday, notify one of Emirates reservations agents, and a special cake will be prepared as a gift to celebrate your child’s happy day. Time-permitting, they will also take a photo of your family as a complimentary memento of your flight upon request.

Skysurfers Programme
Emirates skysurfers programme rewards frequent Young Flyers. Skysurfers earn Skywards Miles every time they fly—Miles that can be exchanged for great rewards such as free flights, books, toys and free trips to the amazing Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai.In addition to rewards, the child enjoys other member benefits, such as preferred seating.

Flying with your kids no longer has to be a nightmare especially if you are a first time mother with a toddler.  Having your 2 year old going through their terrible 2s meltdown on a plane is an embarrassment you do not want to go through.

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