Eazzy API could spur the further growth of e-commerce in Kenya

Last week, the online spaces in Kenya, Nigeria & South Africa were abuzz with the words ‘Black Friday’ . There were ‘Crazy’ offers by the major e-commerce shopping sites with some extending the offer till end of this week. E-commerce in Africa has come a long way and, as a recent GeoPoll rapid survey showed, many are yet to try this ‘thing’.

Some of the biggest challenges that have hindered e-commerce in Africa from reaching the heights of Amazon or even Alibaba have been online fraud, lack of affordable internet, logistics esp delivery and lack of addressing systems in most African countries, literacy rates, and payment methods.

Indeed many international companies that have set up shop in countries like Kenya have had to contend with localized payment solutions because most Africans don’t have credit cards and only a fraction own debit cards.

Mobile money has been lauded as the best invention to come out of Kenya with Mpesa serving as a case study all over the world on how the unbanked can use simple feature phones to transfer money, save and transact. This crucial link between the mobile money platforms and e-commerce sites has been missing in Kenya. The Kenya developer community has, for the longest time, requested integration of Mpesa into the numerous mobile apps coming out of this Silicon Savannah but all these requests have fallen on deaf ears.

Africa is a mobile-first continent and Kenya runs on mobile money. For e-commerce to succeed then it needs to integrate with a payment platform that a majority of Kenyans are already using.

Enter Eazzy API

Last month Equity took a bold step towards a digital future by launching a number of products under Eazzy Banking. One of those products, or should I call it solutions, is the Eazzy API.

What significant role with the Eazzy API play
What this means is that you can pay for items on local online shopping sites, purchase  a ticket online or do in-app purchasing without leaving the app or website you are on to go to Equity to make the transactions. All that is enabled by an API

By making this API readily available to software developers, Equity bank is not only making it easier for its customers to easily transact online, it is also appealing to many who do not yet bank with them. This service together with the others like Eazzy Chama, Eazzy app etc is giving Equity more reasons to stay away from the banking halls.

With the recent increase in the cost of money transfer from one’s banks to the dominant mobile money player. I am seriously wondering why I have to move money from my account to my mobile money account to pay bills or pay for goods and services.

Think of all the digital solutions that are making our lives easier like Uber, TicketSasa and Jumia, one of the payment options will be Eazzy pay and because of the Eazzy API, you will be able to do the whole transaction on the same page.

If you are a developer, head on over to the developer page for the documentation. For information on the Eazzy Banking suite, check out the full product  page.

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