How to earn money from your house

Earning from your house

African women have always been known for their entrepreneurial skills, and whilst it’s true that these days many more will be working 9-5, it’s also true that many will be looking for a sideline to help augment the family income. In fact, an article by Quartz Africa suggests that the “highest share of women in the workforce globally” can be found in Africa. 

Far from adding to the undoubtedly heavy workload by coming up with spurious business ideas, this article aims to show you how, with little effort, you can make your housework for you. 

Use your natural resources 

Think about what you have in your house that you don’t use. Many people’s homes are filled with things they are never likely to use. With a little effort, these could be advertised for sale on places such as eBay or Gumtree or a local equivalent- even better if you have a willing child/ relative who naturally spends hours on the internet to set it up for you. You may not make millions, but it could be a useful source of pocket money and you never know, you might have something valuable! 

People are also making money from selling unwanted clothes. Not by setting up a shop in the front yard, but by bagging up any unwanted clothing, shoes, curtains, etc. and simply selling them online or taking them to someone’s house. This is becoming popular in the UK where cash strapped folks are looking for ways to get rid of what they don’t need, make a little money and help poorer people at the same time.

Unlock your equity

These ideas are worth trying if you are looking for smaller sums of money to supplement the food bill, give the kids pocket money or pay for treats. However, your needs might be greater if you need to fund school fees, for example. Many people are looking at flexible ways to fund or augment their pensions and one option, which is becoming more popular converts the equity of your home into monthly payments to you. If you are fortunate enough to own your home and have a mortgage which is less than the value of the house you can consider a range of finance options. 

Your house is probably your biggest asset and can make you money if you know how. It’s well worth looking at how you can utilize every aspect of your home to supplement your income both now and in the future.

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