Drastic Lifestyle changes that may help you save a coin for the household

Although we might all want to live a lavish lifestyle, times are hard- and has continued to be a mirage for all of us. But we are still hopeful.

In the meantime, we want to live a good life as we make investments and save for the future of our children and get us our ideal lifestyle.

Sometimes saving for the future may entail doing away with some habits that drain money from you. Here are some of them:

  •  Friends

We have to do away with those friends that need you to have a certain lifestyle in order to hang out with them. They might want you to indulge in expensive alcohol and meals throughout the week and month, visit exotic places, shop in high-end places and so on.

Hanging out with such friends makes you realize that you are often left with more month in the money than money in the month and have to start borrowing from every available loan app. This will make you sink further deeper into debt, an unnecessary hole that might be hard to jump from.


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  • Shave your Hair

I have done it before…I shaved my hair when things came to a head. I used to spend so much money at the salon and would be stressed whenever I could not get money to maintain my hair. Then one day I saw a lady who was spotting a nice shave and decided to have the same. Just like that I shaved my hair and replaced it with baby locks that were easy to maintain from the comfort of my home. You can have a plain cut as well.

  • Is the househelp really necessary?

This is a question for the stay-at-home mums who want to save a few coins for the household. Your househelp may have been necessary when you were working but now that you are not, you can plan out your day in such a way that you give yourself breaks whenever there is too much work.

Remember, this does not have to be a permanent situation. Once you are back on your feet financially you can always hire another one. The same applies to women with teenage kids as you can share the work among yourselves when everyone gets home.

  •  Stop/reduce alcohol intake

Alcohol is good for relaxing and socializing but too much of it can really drain the family accounts. You can reduce it to only weekends, twice a month with the girls or boys, once a month or on occasions such as parties and weddings only.

Alternatively, you can decide to stop taking alcohol altogether and you will be surprised at the amount of money to will save.

  • Moving to a smaller house

I love space and I know most people do but sometimes we might have to sacrifice some of it to save money we pay in rent. For example, if you are a single woman living alone you can do well with a one bedroom house and save the rest for an income generating project or join a chama that will help you get more money for a business. If you are a family of four you can rent a two or three-bedroomed house instead of having a huge rented house, then work towards getting something permanent of your own.

  • Growing your own vegetables

If you have some space in your compound, you can use it to grow vegetables to help out with the kitchen budget. You can grow kienyeji vegetables and keep changing them with different stews. You can also plant tomatoes, onions, potatoes, kales, spinach and so on. Trust me on this, you will save a good amount of money.

  • Shopping in Bulk

You can save a lot of money when you opt to buy in bulk from a wholesale and not a supermarket. Mahitaji wholesale in Nairobi’s South B estate and the many wholesale stores in Eastleigh estate are some of the best places to shop from if you are living in Nairobi.

According to some women, buying in bulk will save much money as the prices of large quantities are cheaper as compared to buying half of the same quantity twice. If you are unable to do bulk shopping on your own you can always get one or two friends, buy the shopping and share it among yourselves.

  • Change your car

Some people either have fuel guzzlers to match the lifestyles of the Joneses or they still have cars from their previous life, when they were still well off.  If you find yourself in such a situation you should consider changing to a more affordable car.  I know someone who sold his car altogether and opted to use public means in the meantime until his situation changes for the better.

  • Weekend Treats

You can also reduce weekend treats whether for your kids go to play with bouncing castles or as adults to indulge in nyama choma and beer or a weekend getaway with friends.

Having them every weekend may be too costly. How about getting some good board games and movies or visiting family and friends during the weekends?


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