Downy Concentrate Fabric Softener – Valley Dew Review

For a long time, Kenyan consumers have had to be content with little variety in terms of fabric softeners with the most common brands on supermarket shelves being Sta-Soft and So-Soft. However, P&G decided to switch it up and launched its high performance Downy Concentrate in the Kenyan market.

Kenya is the first country in Sub-Saharan Africa where Downy has been launched,which is great news to a lot of mums and women out there who can now enjoy more variety in the fabric softener they use on their clothes or for the young ones.

Downy is offered in several scents and different formulas. Downy comes in 4 enticing and defining scents, namely; Valley Dew, Floral Breeze, Feel Romantic and Feel Relaxed. Downy is available at retailers countrywide and goes for Ksh 15 for 20ml sachets, Ksh250 for 500ml and Ksh450 for the 1 litre bottle. While the larger sizes are a bit more expensive than other softeners in the market, the 15/- sachets are economically friendly.

Downy Concentrate Launch
Downy Concentrate variants

I sampled the Downy Concentrate – Valley Dew scent. Downy has found a way to package the new baby smell in the Valley Dew variant, which is tinged with a floral yet woody fragrance. While Downy Concentrate is compatible with washing machines, I used it in my hand washing and the results were amazing. You can use Downy Concentrate with any washing powder though Ariel is recommended for use.

Valley Dew variant

I decided to test the Concentrate on my pyjamas and beddings, as I love sleeping in comfort, and nothing feels better than sleeping in clean clothes on freshly changed sheets. I tend to add fabric softener liberally to the final wash without much consideration of the instructions, mostly because the floral scent in other brands do not last as long. However, Downy is a concentrate, therefore only a small amount is required. Adding too much might actually be irritating as the sweet smell becomes overpowering in large amounts. A third of the cap will be enough to ensure a perfect balance (or the entire sachet). The concentrate is kind of thick and may not disperse in water easily, so make sure you shake well before use to avoid spatters that will ruin your wash.

Downy Concentrate left a noticeable fragrance in my sheets that hasn’t faded one bit, since I washed them last Saturday afternoon. There was barely a need to iron the pyjamas as Downy reduced the amount of wrinkles in the clothing. With a scent that reminds me vaguely of my childhood, I am completely sold on Downy Concentrate and will definitely be purchasing it again. 

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