DIY: Don’t throw these household items away, turn them into something beautiful, useful or both

At home, we have quite a number of household items we discard as soon as we are done with them. Things like bottles, broken pots and others can be turned into something beautiful, useful or both.

Here are some everyday things you can beautify::

  • Toilet Paper Roll

You can transform the simple toilet paper into a storage tool for cords. No longer will you have to deal with cables and cords lying around in the house. All you need are toilet rolls and a carton box or plastic container to put them in.

Photo: Wikihow
  • Glass bottles

Glass bottles are a treasure trove when it comes to decor. They can be transformed into useful items like liquid holders (just remember to label them to avoid accidents) or beautiful items like decorated candle holders or even a lantern and so on.

Painted Bottle
  • Cracked Plates

Instead of throwing away cracked plates, you can use them as an art piece.  You can either glue the plate back together and hang it as an art piece or you can mix and match pieces to create a whole new design. Other options include creating fridge magnets.

Photo: Pinterest
  • Old TShirt

Tired of that old Tee? Then turn into a tote bag!  All you need are scissors!  Other options for that old tshirt are infinity scarf or even a belt.

Photo: Decorated Cookie
  • Shoelaces

If you have extra shoe laces, turn them into bracelets.. Weave the laces in your particular style and that’s all there’s to it!

Photo: Wiki cc
  • Gift Wraps

Wrapping papers are pretty and can be reused in various ways. One of which is lining your drawers.

Photo: In My Own Style
  • Wine Corks

Once that wine is over, you are most likely to throw away the cork. Little do you know that it can be turned into a key holder. Useful, huh?

Photo: Recyclart



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