Don’t Miss This Year’s Kenya Kite Festival in March

One of the kites at a Past Kenya Kite Festival event
One of the kites at a Past Kenya Kite Festival event
One of the kites at a Past Kenya Kite Festival event

The Kenya Kite Festival is back this  year and it  set for March 15th at the Held at The Jockey Club of Kenya (Ngong Racecourse).

This is a family event that allows the parents to relive their youth and a fun day out for the kids. The First Kite Festival Held in August 2012 Hosted David and Susan Gomberg from Oregon USA. Second Kenya Kite Festival – February 10th 2013 –  featuring Ashley and Mari Ware- Lane from Cape Town South Africa. It is now in its Fourth year and hoping to hold at least 2 events every year going forward.

Kenya Kite festival is East & Central Africa’s premier kiting event, organized by Urban Live Events.  It’s the second International kite festival in the continent after South Africa that brings together kite fliers, kite makers and kite enthusiasts from around the world.

Since inception in August 2012, the festival has grown to become a must attend outdoor family fun day event. Festival goers are treated to a one of a kind kiting experience that often includes exciting kiting stunts, competitions, aero show displays and lots of fun filled activities. The highlight being an amazing 20-30 feet show kite displays from professional kiters.

Kites were invented in China in the 5th-century BC where materials ideal for kite building were readily available: silk fabric for sail material; fine, high-tensile-strength silk for flying line; and resilient bamboo for a strong, lightweight framework.

Kite Flying has since spread to all parts of the world and its a great way for the family to enjoy a fun day out. So mark your calendars.

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