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A young budding musician
A young budding musician
A young budding musician (image courtesy)

One of the most fulfilling things about being a parent is probably recognizing your child’s talents. Every child has a unique talent that they will shine at, and as a parent you play a vital role in developing and nurturing it. Your child will reveal to you, when the time is right, what his/her particular interests and talents are. Your job is to pay attention. It is important for you to encourage your child but you should not be pushy. They may become resistant if controlled or pressured unnecessarily.There is a fine line between encouragement and bullying so you may want to follow the  tips below to develop their talents without crossing that line.


Expose your child to a variety of interests. Let your son or daughter take part in various activities. The things that interest them most will become evident over time because the child will keep returning to that activity. Children with artistic skills prefer creative tasks such as painting, craft making, designing, and so on. A child with a musical talent will be drawn to anything that creates sound. However do not be discouraged if they do not feel inclined towards conventional fields like drawing or singing. Talents might manifest themselves in other ways. If your child is able to make his point firmly while debating or arguing on a subject this might be indicative of great oratory skills. Whatever it is, your child will show great enthusiasm when doing whatever interests them most. Actively help your child discover and pursue his talents and interests. If he or she loves music, buy musical equipment; art, purchase art supplies.

Develop & Nurture

Once the area of potential is identified, steps can be taken to develop and nurture that talent. Kids do not always figure out what they are good at right away and they may need some time to dabble in a variety of things before it becomes clear. As a parent you may not understand what it is that your child is interested in, but it is imperative that you do not dismiss it or try to push them away from the things they love. The only time this is necessary is if the activity is harmful to the child or those around him/her. Let your child progress at his own pace, while giving subtle encouragement. Introducing them to other children that share similar interests will help motivate them to cultivate each other’s talents.

Do not seek to realize your dreams through them

Your child’s talents may differ greatly from yours and that’s okay. Some parents may try to live vicariously through their children and more often than not and this can backfire. Allow your children to enjoy their pursuits without putting any pressure on them. You may even learn a thing or two from them!

It is important to you as a  parent, to provide  a loving and accommodating environment in which our children can grow into the person they are meant to be. Accept your child for who they are and make sure that they know that you will be supportive in whatever they decide to do in their lives.

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