When your Daughter prefers Dresses to Trousers

Kids ankara
Kids ankara
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Our first born daughter just turned  4 and she has  lately made it very clear that she only wants to wear flowery dresses and skirts. No More trousers.  It shouldn’t be such a big deal really, or should it.

There was a time when it was a really big deal for young girls to wear trousers. For those like me who grew up in the rural areas, girls were expected to behave and dress like ladies. Wearing trousers was associated with prostitution as that’s what most of the liberated women, mostly found in the capital City, were comfortable wearing. I wore my first pair of pants after I started high school. I never understood then that trousers were then the  symbol for the emancipation for women.

We have now come full circle and the conversations on women and clothing have taken on a new turn as was seen last year with the #MyDressMyChoice campaign.

My daughter’s fascination with dresses started from a source I am not very proud of and I am just cringing as I type this next part. Thanks to the lack of sufficient African animations, as parents, we had to make a choice between raunchy music videos, adult rated programs and Disney animations. We chose the latter.

Sofia  the First is an animation production on the life and adventures  of Princess  Sofia appearing on the Disney Junior channel.  It is thanks to this program that our daughters now prefer dresses and call themselves princesses whenever they are in the flowery dresses.

I therefore decided to make some good of this brainwashing and finally decided to have my tailor make for them lots of African dresses.

It might be a stage the will outgrow when they see all their friends in tights and shorts or it might be something they carry on with. In the meantime, I  have to reduce on the trousers and increases on the dresses. We are at that stage when young girls start to slowly become conscious of how they look and want to pick what to wear. I am slowly losing in that fight.

Have you had an almost similar experience with your daughters. We’d love to hear it.


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