The Danger of Mixing Alcohol With Energy Drinks

Monster Energy Drink
Monster Energy Drink
Monster Energy Drink

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There has been an increase in the popularity of energy drinks all over the world, this has in turn led to an equal increase in the habit of mixing of alcohol with these energy drinks, not just by young people (who are the majority) but also by older men and women who want to enjoy the night more and keep fun going.

It is a common practice at bars and parties to mix alcohol with energy drinks to give users a bit more energy to get through the night. However, the risks associated with using caffeine to mask the depressant effects of alcohol warrant caution.

The increasingly popular practice among adolescents and young adults of consuming alcohol mixed with energy drinks (AmED) has raised concern regarding potential increases in maladaptive drinking practices, negative psychological and physiological intoxication side effects, and risky behavioral outcomes.

Research has found that not only does it triple the risk of binge drinking, but it also increases one’s risk for drunk driving.

Watch the video below to know why you should never mix alcohol with energy drinks

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