Contouring makeup sorcery triggers viral #MakeupTransformation photos

How the contouring makeup works
How the contouring makeup works

In June this year, shocking photos of women’s  ‘before’ and ‘after’  makeup brought to light the use of Facial contouring. It has since been referred to the the makeup equivalent of sorcery.

According to “Contouring” is a very powerful form of makeup sorcery that allows women to give shape to an area of their face (or body), enhance facial structure and create undetectable beauty illusions. Mostly reserved for top models/celebrity photo shoots, it’s slowly slithered into the everyday woman’s beauty regimen and become a major threat to men already struggling with trust issues.

Well, men felt that this was getting out of hand and started posting their own ‘Before’ and ‘after’ photos though using celebrity whom they most resemble. The result is the trending of thousands of photos under the hashtag #MakeupTransformation.






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