Christmas in memes

Christmas is finally here yaaaaay!. It does not matter how old you get but the excitement that comes with this day never wears off.Oh yeah, we might complain about the amount of work that comes with preparations, having to juggle your job and to look for presents, arranging for the most delicious meals, thinking of decorations, planning for huge numbers but we would simply not have it any other way.

Some households actually started planning for this day months in advance with some mothers admitting to having bought Christmas clothes in October to avoid the mad rush at the various outlets. , Clever decisions because two days ago it was just difficult trying to negotiate your way among the multitudes of people eager to buy various things or who were traveling to various destinations.

My friend also narrated to me that no sooner had the calendar turned to December than her children started demanding that she put up the Christmas tree complete with decorations.She had to indulge them and of course, this day has to live up to the expectations of the little ones.

As much as everyone would like for the day to be successful and without drama, things do not always go as expected and or two mishaps can occur and ruin the day.Families also meet on this day and there can be  disagreements here and there but all in all, they all make for crazy, hilarious and fun moments best captured in these memes,

  1. Shady Christmas decorations are finally up!

I had gone shopping for something entirely different and came across some very shady and cheap Christmas decorations and decided to buy them. I have never put up any decorations for the five years since I had my daughter and she could hardly contain herself and by evening I know that there will be no balloon left.

2.We have to overindulge 

 We have to overindulge so all diets move over we will get you back in January. Just don’t drive anywhere call a cab or sleep over.

3. Dress up for the occasion

We are going to dress up, feel free to even dress like the tree itself!

4.Keep it for as long as you can  Who said Christmas can only for one day?You can extend it to three days later as long as you, good food, drinks and the family are available.

5.Presents!Presents!Presents …or not?


In Africa, the culture of buying each other presents on Christmas day is not so much in us. We are struggling to catch up with having a Christmas tree in our living rooms as it is. We just buy for our kids and for the work-mandated secret Santa thing and that is all.

6. When it gets too much….

The music is all over the place but just as with anything else, too much of something is poisonous



7.Internet to the rescue 

When the family gets too much there is an escape but watch out that you do not become a snob.

8. It can get exhausting……..


9. Care for a selfie with Santa?

10. Even if you get the worst present ever it is still a present…


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