DigiKids child online safety day on 23rd July at Strathmore University


As a mother of 3 with a background in tech, I have become an advocate for child online safety through my articles here on this subject as well as my talks on this subject. I love it when I see other organisations that are dedicated to this topic as its one that not very many parents deem critical.

As I often tell parents during my talks, our generation is facing challenges that no other generation has ever faced. Our parents never had to worry about internet porn, cyber bullying or radicalization when they were bringing us up.

There is no written manual for our generation of parents on how do deal with technology in regards to our children and we are having to wing it as we go. Unfortunately, many of us have no idea where to start.

As a parent, guardian, or grandparent, you have the ability to teach children to protect themselves from online predators that want to take advantage of their curiosity and eagerness to make friends.

Digikids is a digital literacy academy located in Nairobi, Kenya. they provide onsite and offsite training in Computational Thinking, Coding and Child Online Protection (Cyber Security Awareness) targeted at children from seven years of age and up.

On Saturday 23rd July, they will be having as Child Online Safety Day where they will give you the tools, as a caregiver, to protect your children. they will cover hot topics such as cyber bullying, social media, sexting, online gaming, computer protection, and more! This program is done in collaboration with (ISC)2 Kenya Chapter, a local not-for-profit group of computer security professionals, and NCC Education.

Entry is Free!

I urge you to make time with your kids to attend this event. If you have been wondering’

  • At what age should I give my child his smartphone/tablet? 
  • Should I set up screen rules in my house
  • Do I know how to look out for signs of cyber bullying with my child?
  • How do I deal with cyber bullying?
  • Where can I get help if my child is being bullied or trolled online?
  • What is grooming?
  • What is sexting?
  • which apps are safe and which ones are not safe for my child?

If you have asked yourself this questions and you don’t know who to turn to for advice, then this event will be a great start.

The event will be at the iLab Africa Safaricom Academy – Strathmore University  from 9am -12pm

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