Cesarean Section is not always elective, my emergency CS experience

Misconceptions about Cesarean section

mom and baby

My water broke.

I did not know how to feel. I had seen this multiple times in movies. The women would then scream in an un-containable fusion of horror and agony asking their companions to call the emergency line.

I was okay. A slight cramp here and there, but it was bearable. My abdomen was heavier than it was given that I was pregnant, but I was not experiencing excruciatingly painful contractions. I dialed the number for a taxi, grabbed my already packed hospital bag, texted my family members and three best friends then waited outside for the taxi.
I was ready to push and push. I was geared up. I had waited a week longer than the doctor had said I would for this day, but it had come and I was armed.

Upon arrival at the hospital, they admitted me and ran some tests.
Melacona, They said. Emergency cesarean section, wheel her in now, She said.
I was confused. She saw the confusion written all over my façade.
The baby passed stool inside the womb. We must operate. She explained.
So that was why when my water broke, it was a greenish brown.

If you would have exercised and stayed healthy you would have delivered through vaginal birth, Someone remarked after the birth.

This is one of the many misinformed comments regarding my having a caesarean birth.

It is wrong.
Pregnancy is sacred. It is a spiritual process. The pain is divine and it is so swiftly and magically converted to fulfillment the second you hold your baby in your arms. Throughout my pregnancy, there is nothing I wanted more than to hear the doctors instructing me to, “PUSH!”

I wanted a vaginal birth.

However, I delivered through a cesarean section.

A cesarean section is prompted by the need to save the mother’s life as well as the babies’. When a vaginal birth poses a risk to either party, then it is paramount that a C-section be performed. Aside from my case, melacona, where the baby passes stool inside the womb, there are several reasons why the expectant mother may be wheeled into the operation room.

Multiple births refers to a twins, triplet, quadruplet pregnancy. Such pregnancies may be high risk if the mother is to driver through a vaginal birth especially if the foetuses share the same amniotic sac.
If the mother has a condition or disease that may aggravate due to labour related stress, like high blood pressure, then a C-section is advised. Alternatively, a faint heartbeat on the baby’s part is a reason to take precaution and operate on the mother.

Breech presentation, where the foetus position is not head down also calls for a caesarian delivery. Foetal weight also determines the type of delivery a mother will undergo as foetal weight of over four and a half kilogrammes calls for a C-section.

There are more reasons that a doctor may recommend a C-section but the common denominator in all these scenarios is that the procedure is aimed at saving the lives of the mother and baby. It is not an opening to criticize, make jabs at, judge or even blame a woman. I am not any less of a mother because I went under the knife.
The scalpel for some, is unavoidable.

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