BlueStacks brings mobile apps to Windows PC and Mac

Blue Stacks PC app player


Blue Stacks PC app player
Blue Stacks PC app player

One can never claim to know everything in this life, those who do are most likely quite arrogant and actually know less.

I didn’t know about Blue stacks before last week Sunday. We were doing our first experience and activation after launching Safari Tales on the Google Play Store at the Kids Paradise. We had gotten the latest devices and an experience table from Samsung as well as impressive 3G internet from Airtel .

My colleague then booted up his laptop after the set up was complete (including locking all other sections of the tabs and smart phones from accessing anything else apart from our app). After a short while, I heard one of the tales in the app- the legend of Lwanda Magere playing from his PC. That is when I was introduced to Blue stacks.

Blue stacks is a software which, when installed on a PC or a Mac enables one download and run any app (from the android Play and itunes Appstore ) by providing a virtual environment. This means that you can have a desktop version of whatsapp, instagram and other games apps that are not developed for PCs.

This immediately gave me the idea of the numerous possibilities this means for our app Safari Tales.

The Kenyan One laptop per child project has been the most anticipated and despite the stall, its one of those promises that the Jubilee Government cannot afford to break. What this means is that, if everyone of those laptops gets installed with Blue stacks, then the kids will have access to a lot more content that what KICD (Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development ) is monopolising to pre-load.

This also means that parents do not have to throw away the desktops and laptops they had already purchased and placed on their kids bedrooms or their own which they share.
As a parent with an interest in Education Technology ( Edtech), Blue Stacks presents a possibility that simplifies the need to depend on android powered device manufacturers because the barriers to entry  for parents and schools just became less.

Lets hope that someone in the Jubilee government knows about this great software that will make those laptops more functional.

Blue Stacks is free to download
for Windows and Mac operating Systems. 

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