Best of AfroMum 2018

We hope you’ve discovered valuable information from the stories you read at AfroMum.Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey.

To cap off the year, we compiled a list of our best performing content published in 2018. This year, we published 180 articles which we’d still like you to go over in case you missed them or it’s your first time here. This list is a very good representation of what you will find on the blog.


Top Women Related Content 

Safe houses for victims of gender-based violence in Kenya 

Five Quotes from African Women on Womanhood 


Top Parenting Articles 

Delayed milestones: why societal attitudes worsen situations for children and their parents 

Celebrating superhero mothers and guardians of children with disabilities 

Should parents consider football academies for their little children?


Top Health Content 

Here are the most affordable cancer screening centres in Kenya

Five reasons why Kenyan women don’t go for cervical cancer screening 


Top Educational Articles 

Here’s a list of schools for children with special needs in Kenya 

Homeschooling through the eyes of Kenyan family

5 Innovative ideas that have transformed education in Kenya  

So who will save us from school cartels and their crazy requirements? 


Top Children Related Content

This Kenyan woman wants to keep your children safe with a new househelp database

Four ways we can make things easier for African girls and women in STEM 

New Computer and Cyber Crimes law a big win for online child protection in Kenya 


Most Popular Relationship Content

Are you in competition with your mother-in-law?

Why a passive-aggressive person can drive you crazy

Should you marry your baby daddy?

When your mother hates you 


Top Entrepreneurship Stories

Molly Juma, graduate making a living from crocheting fluffy flooring mats and carpets.


Most Popular Household Content

10 houseplants that you can grow 

Take control back from in-laws running your home 


Top Entertainment Content

Supa Modo is a beautiful story worth watching 


Most Popular Finance Articles

Kenyan Loan apps: All you need to know about them 

The A-Z of table banking 


For our social commentary – Has the Kenyan bride price gained new meaning?

We uploaded resourceful information on our resource downloads page to assist you in navigating your everyday life. It contains information such as available GBV centres, Mental Health resource centres, and Kenya’s Immunization Schedule. We are now making it easier for you to access and store these lists.

Look out for more of this in 2019.

Happy New Year!

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