Some of the best hairstyles to carry you through ‘dry’ January

The mere mention of the word January often sends shivers through the spines of most people. Some people just fear the month because it comes with many responsibilities and scarce resources. In most cases, misuse of available funds will be the cause of the scarcity. During such moments, most people will not want to hear about additional needs apart from school fees, food, shelter and clothing.

While it is true that these needs should be given first priority, we also have meetings, conferences and school meetings to attend, clients to see and so on in January. This means that we should also look good all the time despite our meager finances during this dry month. You might have a beautiful outfit but if your hair does not look good you will not have completed the look. So here are some of the best hairstyles to carry you through that month,

  1. Godess locks  

I call them fake locks and if you have always admired dreadlocks like me you finally have a chance to rock them. Trendy people will also love them because they are trending now and the best thing about them is that they look good for any occasion as long as you know how to style them.

YouTube can help you with styling or you can pass by your favorite salon for pro bono services if you do not have much money. One thing to note is that these locks look very shaggy of you do not moisturize your hair and if you do not attend to them as required.

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  1. Haircut

My sister got a haircut the other day and it completely changed her look. She looks a few years younger than her actual age plus she says she expects it to impact her budget since she will not have to pay for expensive hairstyles that require you to visit the salon every two weeks.

You have many options if you choose to cut your hair. Some women look really good with a bald head especially if worn with large round earrings. You can also cut your hair and go for baby locks that do not require much in terms of finances and maintenance as well. If you like experimenting with your hair you can style them using hair dye as well depending on the rules at your workplace.

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  1. Cornrows   

Cornrows will hardly ever fail you and the best thing about well-done cornrows is that you can maintain them for a month. Just ensure that your hair is clean before your stylist starts braiding your hair. Having a dirty of itchy scalp is one of the reasons that many people have a difficult time maintaining cornrows for a long time.

You also need someone who can do them well and here, you may be required to pat with an arm and leg but you need to remember that you will be having the hairstyle for a month or three weeks so it is a fair deal. Cheap can be very expensive and damage your reputation.

  1. Crotchet braids

I have never tried these braids before and I think this January will present a great opportunity for me to try them. If you want to achieve a long, curly and beautiful look with braids you should try this hairstyle.

You may need to invest in the best braids and you will need about five or more pieces to get the best look. It, is, therefore, important to first check with your salonist before buying raids to know how many to buy and the best brands in the market.

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  1. Weave      

Weaves have saved the looks of any women for a long time and despite how our men feel about them, they are going nowhere. A weave can last you a month if you take good care of it and now some brands and types of weaves can let you wash and blow dry them whenever you need to or feel they have accumulated much dust. Your salonist can help you choose the best and affordable brands to buy for the month of January given the fact that it is a hot month.

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  1. Wigs

I used to think that wigs are only for the old women who are just too tired to think about combing out their hair or who did not want the hassle of going to the salon after every two weeks. However, the hair industry has really changed the game with beautiful and stylish wigs that have really made women change their looks. You can now get short and cropped wigs, long and straight wigs, curly wigs, wavy ones and so on.

You, however, have to be very careful when choosing wigs because a wig may look stunning on one woman and look very bad on another woman. The shape of your head and that of your face can really influence how a particular wig will look on you. Your complexion matters as well among other factors. Your salonist can help you choose the best and most affordable wigs that you can interchange this month.

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