Battle of the species: should African women feel threatened by sex dolls?

When the topic of sex dolls first hit the international media, some people laughed while others shook their heads. It was something profoundly ridiculous we couldn’t imagine a world where something like that would be acceptable. I mean, imagine a normal grown man that prefers the company of a robot to an actual woman? Turns out, we shouldn’t have laughed.

Media outlets across Africa are lauding this advancement in the global sex market. The inventor of the RealDoll Matt McMullen has so much confidence in his creations that he says the sex dolls “…will be an alternative to human relationships, not a replacement… Whether they will be a full replacement for a sex partner will remain to be seen and will be based on preferences of individuals.” He is basically saying, yes, there is a chance humans might be replaced completely.

Pros of the sex doll

According to the RealDoll website, “The Classic female RealDoll is $5499.00. The female RealDoll2 is $6499.00. The Male RealDoll2 is $5999.00. The Wicked RealDoll is $6749.00.” That’s a staggering 656,425.64 Kenyan Shillings people! So, are we saying that that’s the amount it takes to replace a woman? I say it would take a whole lot more than just a few thousand shillings to replace a woman. Still, let’s find out what’s gotten our men so excited about this ridiculous trend.


Despite the fact that robots of both sexes are being made, it is the women that are made to feel threatened by the existence of the female sex dolls. And who can blame them? The statistics so far seem to suggest that a lot of men are embracing this development with both hands, literally! It’s as if the men are telling us that they don’t need us as much as we need them.

Men are on social media celebrating their freedom from the ‘too demanding female.’ The African man is happy that he no longer has to worry about paying bride-price, school fees, groceries, expensive hair, or expensive trips to the salon. He no longer has to worry about taking care of his in-laws. Or being trapped in baby-mama drama. Most importantly, he doesn’t have to put up with female companions demanding equality and respect from him.

No nagging!

To have someone…or something you can sleep with that will not challenge you or demand you to take responsibility for your actions is obviously something worth celebrating. There is no more; did you take out the trash? Why did you leave the toilet seat up? Who are you with? Where are you? Why didn’t you pick up my calls? Why do you leave your socks everywhere!? I do not like what your mother said about how I raise my children Fadhili!

No more shame!

Imagine a world where a man no longer gets to hear the words, “I am not in the mood tonight honey.” This is a revolution. According to Synthea Amatus, the creators of the famous Al robot Samantha, the sex doll is “capable of enjoying sex and understanding the paths of human interaction involved in the sexual process… She responds to touch and has a taste for what should happen in a given situation, having also different moods from funny, to romantic and even sexual.”

Can it get any better than this? Writing for the Men’s Health magazine, Christa Sgobba asserted that the robot can be customized to one’s preferences. ‘It has 19 different face options to 11 different styles of labia.’ It is made of silicone which gives it a “warm to the touch” feel. This basically means that a man can have sex whenever he wants, whichever way he likes it and not worry about consent, shame or judgment.

No more loneliness

This applies to the men that have trouble dating women. This could be because of low self-esteem or some type of disability. It could be for any reason that makes it difficult for them to interact successfully with the opposite sex. Sex dolls sound like a natural option and quick fix for such.

Cons of the sex doll

Objectification of women

The invention of the sex dolls has solidified the chauvinistic belief that women are only good for sex. The major celebration of these dolls is based on the fact that the very essence of women’s existence has been eliminated. The dolls can’t think. They are programmed to serve one major purpose, sex.

They’re a social detriment

No amount of companionship a robot can provide will ever replace actual human interaction. We all crave stimulating conversations and interactions with our loved ones. Conflicts and resolutions are what separate us from other species.

I personally feel that the robot gives a man the illusion that he’s in good company when in actuality he’s been alone all along. And for the sake of civilization and human progression, man cannot and should not exist in isolation for long.

Separates the boys from the men

This is more a con for the men but a loud pro for the women-folk. I mean, if you meet any man that prefers to be committed to a doll instead of a real woman, then you would have easily eliminated the unwanted variables from an already largely tainted population of male species. For the African woman that was cultured to please her man from the moment she was born, shouldn’t the robot be her freedom?

From a young age, we are programmed like machines to carter to the male-folk. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about their commitment towards us. Honestly speaking, I think African men should worry more about the invention of the male sex doll that can last more than five minutes. And if programmed with a special foreplay software, I do believe a lot of African women would be very pleased.

For now, maybe we should let this sink in: the idea behind the sex doll is to create robots with human-like qualities…except for the ones that actually make them human. Who really is the fool in this equation?


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