BAKE Organises a Cyber Security Workshop on the Risks of using Social Media

BAKE Cyber Security workshop
The Hacked profile of Kenya's Vice President's twitter handle
The Hacked profile of Kenya’s Vice President’s twitter handle

The growth of the number of Kenyans online is increasing everyday surpassing all previous predictions . The Digital Kenyan government that has a huge online presence with numerous twitter handles was  recently dealt a huge blow when the official twitter handles for the Kenya Defence Forces as well as that of the Vice President were hacked. Over 100 government websites were hacked into and defaced in a trend that is slowly increasing. There is also an increase in the amount of money banks are loosing to through their online and mobile banking services.

This has prompted the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) to organise a one day workshop on Cyber Security and the risks of using Social Media on 15th October at the Southern Sun Mayfair from 8am- 5pm. The trainer is Tyrus Kamau.

Trainer Profile
Tyrus Kamau is a Cyber Security Evangelist. He is one of the founding members of The Africa HackOn, an IT security outfit which brings together skilled professionals to show case various elements of cyber security. He was a key consultant in the development of the National Cyber Security Master Plan (NSCMP) and is a part time lecturer at Strathmore University’s iLab where he instructs the Masters in Telecommunication, Innovation & Development. He lectures on Web security, Wireless & Mobile security.

What to expect from the training.

a. Social Media Cyber Threats and Risks
– Compromise of official accounts
– Online reputations
– Anti-Phishing techniques
– Identity Theft
– Reconnaissance

b. Mitigation Strategies
– Social Media Policy
– Access Control
– Security Settings
– Monitoring
– Employee awareness

BAKE Cyber Security workshop

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