Afromum winners of Mums Tough Love Essay Competition

Mutisya Makonyi and Phenny Odera are the winners of the Mums Tough Love Essay competition. In the competition, which was announced last week, the public was expected to write about how their mums used unorthodox methods to punish them and later on they came to realize that their mums were right all along.  Here are the winning essays.

In partnership with True Story, we also ran a letter writing competition among students of Light Academy with the 3 winners each getting a GOTV decoder with one month free subscription for their moms.


Phenny Odera’s Essay

Phenny Odera with her mother

All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe it to my Angel mother. Abraham Lincoln.

‘Podi unindo’ (You are still sleeping) That is how my mornings began every single day. This voice always made us jump out of bed and start looking for things I have never known what exactly they were up to date. You were considered safe if you are not found in bed. My mother never understood why one would sleep after she is awake. She still has a problem with this by the way. My mother was a proper woman she would find you doing something stupid and too bad she was not taught how to wait, she deals with you on the spot and even escorts you home.

Stupid fights with my siblings always landed each and every one of us in trouble. Yours truly would let us fight but then if you start crying that is where your trouble begins. We! Rule number one was not to cry.

I don’t know but having been only girls, staying out after six in the evening was something we never even tried. At times leaving the house was a problem. She would show up anytime unannounced and woe unto you if you are not home.

Today and every day of my life I celebrate a heroine who taught me the power of the knees and letting God. She prayed for us and she prays and every time she feels drained she will tell us God is going to make a way. Looking back today I thank her for what she instilled in us back then. Up to date, she is our prayer warrior and problem solver.

I remember how she always told us that we are going to be great people because she was sure she has super smart children. This was important to us I mean we do stuff that I am not sure how we do but the fact that we have someone who will always be there to guide, pray and walk with us we have made huge steps.

My mother is special I look at her and get teary at times I mean how she manages to do some things. She has worn several hats that will take me my entire life to wear or even do half the things she has done. I pray for her even more than I pray for myself I mean she deserves the best.

Today I celebrate a special person, prayer warrior, a disciplinarian who would get a medal, a person who instilled in us that we are special and will always be the best.

Happy Mother’s Day Mum.

God bless you, mama. Always.



Mutisya Makonyi’s Essay

There is a sound that is made when an outstretched palm connects with a cheek at high impact. It’s the sound of flesh colliding with flesh. It carries across open fields into silent rooms and attracts the attention their occupants. It is a nasty sound. It is even nastier when it was unexpected, and in your view, uncalled for. You hear this sound this sound before you feel the pain. And when the pain finally sets in, it is still not as bad as the sound. The sound stays with you forever.

Even as more slaps descend on you, as you cave under a hail of slaps and fall to the ground in agony, it is the sound of the first slap that still hurts the most. Matters are not made better by the realization that all your friends are scrambling for space at their class windows to witness the now ruthless beating that befalls you.

Mutisya Makonyi’s mother

It is impossible for anyone to convince you of your mother’s love for you after she subjects you to such a thorough beating outside the school staffroom, the most conspicuous place in the school. The ridicule that you endure after, lasting the rest of your primary school career, does not very little to make her case. It is the most embarrassing event of your young life, and your mother is responsible for it.

I was mad at my mother that day, and a few more days that week. But it is not quite easy to stay mad at your benefactor for long. Now, as I think back, I realize that that beating came from a place of love. Perhaps rolling pieces of paper from your exercise book and lighting them at one tip to emulate the act of smoking is not the wisest thing to do in school.

The two Essay winners were awarded GOtv decoders with a one-month full subscription.

Congratulations from the whole AfroMum team to Phenny & Makonyi

Here are the  the Letter writing competition winners from Light Academy

Letter writing winners and students from Light International Academy
Letter writing winners and students from Light International Academy
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