Adios 2017: Our Top Memorable Events Of The Year


There is no doubt that 2017 will count as an eventful year in modern-day history. From important global events to devastating tragedies; as humans, we have witnessed our share of drama across the different spectrum of politics, culture and many stories of humanity that have shaped our view of the world.

It is absolutely true that so many bad things occurred in 2017, suffice to say so many times we felt that tragedy was looming at the turn of every month.

Yet, there were moments now and then when we had a glimmer of hope or an over burst of love across the globe that reminded us that this is life, sometimes there is good and sometimes there is bad.

So, as we reflect back, as we do every year, from the tough moments that we experienced or watched others undergo to the joyous, happy moments we celebrated, piecing together the highs and lows reminds us that we are stronger than we think.Thye also reminds us that the past should remain in the past. Just like that, another year is over and here are some of the most memorable events that marked 2017.

1.Donald and His Tweets

The year started with a bang as the United Stated inaugurated Donald Trump as the nation’s 45th president. And boy, has the President of the Free World been loud on every available platform all year round!

From travel bans to administration conspiracies and outrageous tweets, I believe President Trump has been the most talked about human being this whole year across the world. He really stole the show everywhere he went and in everything he said. And to think this is only his first year. Brace yourselves, humans!

2.Purple Rain

The death of Prince in April was the end of an iconic figure who gave music a life of its own. Very few artists (especially in today’s generation) have the ability to create a body of work as rich and diverse as Prince did. His music, his persona, and his presence had the ability to bring disparate groups of humans together, allowing them to fit in their own spaces, in a free unit that blended with everything in their surroundings. That was the magic of prince.

3.Here Comes the Eclipse

I missed the eclipse that occurred in August this year, mostly because from this part of the world, we didn’t have much to see. Meanwhile, the United States and its entire contiguous regions experienced a total solar eclipse.

Dubbed the ‘Great American Eclipse’, this was the first time it occurred since 1918, passing from one coast to another. This was a pretty big deal for those who experienced it, most of us only managed to see the pictures online, once again thank you internet, the pictures were amazing.

4.Polls Nullification In Kenya

A first to happen in Africa and fourth in the world, the nullification of the presidential elections in Kenya made headlines locally and internationally. This was some major news and it did shake the political world especially in Africa.

The Supreme Court judges delivered their full judgment outlining several reasons for the nullification and ordered a repeat of the presidential elections. Whether in support of the ruling or not, the fact remains that Kenya made history by invalidating the results of a sitting-president and changed the perspectives in the electoral sphere and political arena.

5.Love Conquers

After a terror attack in Manchester Arena where Ariana Grande was performing, the US singer returned later back to the same venue to lead the Manchester One Love Concert together some of the biggest names in the music industry. This was a brilliant display of love and unity even during trying times.

Apart from visiting injured fans in hospital, the money raised from the concert was aimed to support all the victims of the attack and their family. As the concert was aired live, it was an important time to reflect on the war on terrorism and how we can use love to prove that we can conquer this menace.

6.Royal Engagement

What could overshadow the big announcement by the royal family of Kate Middleton and Prince William on the impending arrival of their soon-to-be third baby? Well, who would have guessed it could be Prince Harry and actress/activist Meghan Markle taking the royal cake in 2017!!

In a glowing engagement in November, we were given an opportunity to reminisce about royal love that became a beacon of romance and light even for just a moment. Aside from the noise, many of us really love to indulge in a good old romance story. Yes, they may not be the two most innocent and purest souls on earth (just like the rest of us) but their engagement was nothing short of beautiful love story.

What was your most memorable event/story of 2017?

Have Yourselves A Happy New Year Full of Renewed Love and Light

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