A review of The Samsung Galaxy Tabs’ kids mode feature

The Galaxy Tab 3 for kids
The Galaxy Tab 3 for kids
The Galaxy Tab 3 for kids (image Source abcnews.go.com)

Smartphones are nice toys to calm down kids when you are busy working on your computer or on other activities. Because of this, children are becoming more and more aware of technology as they grow. By even the age of 3 a child can entertain him or herself with your phone.  However this means that your settings may be altered by mistake, files deleted or even worse, sensitive information may be sent out to all the names in your contact list. All this can be a headache for the modern day parent.

With this in mind, Samsung has equipped the The Galaxy Tab 3 kids and the Tab S devices with a Kids Mode that makes the device more kid friendly and appropriate.

The Kids Mode includes five specially designed apps – camera, karaoke, drawing, picture gallery, and video playback . These apps adapt the tablet’s existing functions into entertaining and intuitive features for kids, for example, the camera app can automatically add some funny cartoon effects (e.g.glasses, moustaches, eyebrows etc.) to a person. All these effects are automatically added in the correct location thanks to face detection technology.

Once you launch the app for the first time, you are prompted to set up a PIN that will be used to manage the Kids Mode. You also need set a child profile with their name and date of birth.

Once you tap menu button you are able to do the following:

  • edit your child’s profile
  • monitor the activities in kids mode, for example, the apps used
  • set a time limit for your kids
  • add any existing apps to kids mode
  • add existing media to kids mode (music, videos and photos)
  • download apps from the Kids Store

The Kids Mode app has its own Kids Store, which now contains over 900 child-friendly apps. An age-range filter allows you to select apps that will entertain and challenge your children as they grow, while the content is also classified by function. There are 6 categories of apps in the store: special, for kids, learning, playing, story and others, so that you can incorporate education into your child’s playtime.

The content classification is as follows: 0-4 years old for preschool children, 5-6 years old for kindergärtners and 7 years old or more in primary school children. According to Samsung, the Kids Store brand zone provides premium content for children from providers such as, PBS Kids, Budge Studio, Cupcake Digital and Intellijoy and offers free gifts of over $50 to users, which can be used to purchase applications such as Toca Hair salon 2, Sprinkle Island and Pucca Funny World Tour exclusively.

The Kids Mode feature only allows children to download apps from the Kids Store section and they can only purchase content approved by their parents via a password. This should provide some peace of mind for parents worried about their kids racking up outrageous bills.Also in kids mode, you can receive calls but not make them.

There are no known obvious ways for bypassing the kids mode.

The downside to kids mode is that it only supports one child’s profile. There is no way to set up multiple kids profile but hopefully over time Samsung shall reconsider this flaw. Otherwise I would recommend this to parents.

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