A reflection on Blue Band over the years


Growing up in the 80s in a small village in Kabete one of Nairobi’s outskirts, there were certain luxuries that I was only able to indulge in much later in life. One of those was eating bread everyday and having Blue band spread on that bread.

I never felt like I missed much as most  of my cousins also never afforded that luxury so our stories of what we had for breakfast were the same; arrow roots, sweet potatoes, pancakes, ugali, boiled maize etc. When I look back at those humble childhood days and hear stories from my friends who grew up cereals, bread and sausages I still have nolstagic moments and often, I am glad for having grown up with the basics in life for now I din’t panic if my kids don’t eat bread for breakfast.

My first taste of blue band was actually when I went to high school as it was part of my shopping list. Its also in high school that I there was supply of the famous croma which I would sometimes mix with sugar and drinking chocolate to make a tastier spread for the morning bread.

Just like me, Blue band has gone through a lot of changes and branding over the years. It has always been targeted at kids and that’s the one thing that has been constant even as our choices and sensitization on healthy living become heightened due largely to the internet. Their recent re-brand from a margarine to a spread with less fat and enriched with Omega 3 and omega 6 is a reflection of them paying attention to their customer’s changing perceptions and needs.

I recently wrote a post on understanding fats and the difference between Margarine, butter and spreads to address various misconceptions a lot of us have towards fats and their attribution to various diseases.

I came across an old blue band TV advertisement which made me remember all their ads through the years. Interestingly, we loved watching ads then, not sure if its because they were more creative or because we were kids, so here goes. I hope the videos take you back in time like they did to me.

This was an ad in the 90s

This one was inspired by the MJ fever. Not sure they they discontinued the choco spread though.

This article is the send and last in a series of sponsored posts for the new Blue Band #GrowGreatKids digital campaign. You can follow the campaign via various social media platforms and give your thoughts and experience on the new brand using the hashtag #GrowGreatKids.

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