8 tips to help you style your daughter’s hair

Ever been to a salon then a mum and her daughter walk with the daughter looking terrified and a few minutes later she starts screaming, something that will last for the entire duration of their stay?By the time the little girl leaves the salon you will want to request the mum to just shave the little girl’s hair until she gets to the teenagehood when you feel she will be able to handle it.

Some mums have taken this route of their own volition as well and say they will never style their daughters until they are older. It works out for them and everyone is happier. However, there is another group of mums and I am one of them; we always want our daughters to have a hairdo for their everyday look, church, school or various occasions.

While it goes well for some parents whose kids have soft hair or do not fear to go to the salon to have their hair done, it is more difficult for those whose children have very kinky hair or just a few scattered strands on their head.

For the latter group, we managed to get some tips of styling kinky hair from Bernie Mukui of Damaly Organycs and here they are

  1. Treat braids before use

Braids are very popular among kids especially during the holidays when school is out and there are no rules to restrict them. You will see little girls with yellow, blue, red, white braids done in different styles. However, some kids have very sensitive scalps and the chemicals used for producing the braids are often too harsh for them. In such instances, you can soak them in warm water and vinegar before using them for plaiting.

  1. When she is afraid of blowdrying

Most kids fear the heat and sound from blow dryers and will often fuss when you put it on. If she is afraid of blow drying you can avoid the process altogether and just opt for using a conditioner with good slip. You can then comb out the hair using a wide tooth comb and then rinse it all together. Once clean, you can use oil and shea on it and make small Bantu knots. That way, her hair will not need heat to straighten out.

The old African threading can help as well (funga uzi) and you can let her stay with it for one or two days and undo them while going to the salon. You will not need any blowdrying when you do this. If you are unable to do any of the above you should invest in a kid-friendly blow-dryer. They have low heat and their sound is not intimidating in any way

  1. Avoid using soap every day

If your daughter has very kinky hair avoid cleaning her hair daily with soap and instead just use plain water. You can only use soap or shampoo once a week then apply a blend of oil when her hair is still wet. Some of the best oils for the hair include grapeseed, almond and castor oils are the best for baby hair.

4.Moisture for tough hair

Always ensure that you have sprayed her hair with some water after using the oils. This will help manage the dryness. You should do this even when they have braided their hair.

  1. Detangler

There are very nice products on the market that can help you detangle your daughter’s hair and for these, you will need to conduct a research to know the best. You should, however, be careful because not all the expensive products in the market are the best and cheap can be very expensive.

  1. The best salon

You should scout for the best salon and ensure that they use the best products only. It is always good to inquire and even better if they only cater to children. A salon that caters to the needs of a particular niche is the best to use because they have the required expertise to handle children and use targeted products.

  1. Distractions

It can be difficult styling a small kid in some environments despite the steps you have taken to ensure that their hair is soft enough. In such instances, you can bring along distractions such as games that you downloaded on their phones, tablet or a favorite book and so on.


There are many other factors that also contribute to healthy hair and diet is one of them. While serving your baby also ensure that her diet includes a balanced diet with foods that encourage hair growth. They include eggs, oysters, fish and sweet potatoes. Salmon also encourages hair growth because it is loaded with strong hair supporters like vitamin D and protein, and it also contains omega-3 fatty acids that promote hair growth by keeping your scalp healthy.

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