8 Reasons why naturals are giving hair salons a wide berth

The natural hair movement keeps growing by the day and this is not only for African women but black women living everywhere in the world. The growth in numbers can be attributed to several reasons among them being tired of harmful hair products that relax the hair and contribute to its damage.

Other reasons include having no time to go to the salon for some of the complicated procedures, it is easy to maintain and so on.

As the movement grows, it is emerging that many women are shunning salons and instead, prefer to do their own hair in the comfort of their homes. If you own a salon you may be interested in some of the reasons as they will shed light on why you have been losing customers in droves.

Other reasons, however, have much to do with states and preferences or light bulb that occurred to other people in the natural hair journey.  Let us take a look at these reasons,


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  1. Bad customer service

According to most naturals, customer service is very important to them when they visit a hair salon. While most salons have stepped up their game and have included things such as snacks, being pampered before, during and after the hairdo, allowing home visits and so on, others have not. It starts with the receptionist at the entrance who is forever having a bad day and will not hesitate to project this to all customers.

Sometimes it is the salonists who despite their talent will keep pushing and pulling your hair in all directions while making snide remarks about your hair. There are instances where customers are answered rudely when they politely request their salonist to change something they did not like.

  1. Take too long

When you finally get a seat in a busy salon, you can get very disappointed as your attendant may concentrate on gossiping and sharing with other people in the salon and this will eat into the time they are supposed to be doing your hair. This means spending unnecessary time on your hair. Naturals who like keeping time will, therefore, just opt to make their own hair at home. If you are the one waiting for your favorite attendant to finish up with the current customer you will be there for light years as she entertains all and sundry with her recent escapades.

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  1. YouTube tutorials 

Some naturals confess that ever since they discovered YouTube tutorials from other women with natural hair, they have never stepped foot in any salon. The tutorials give step-by-step instructions on how to make your hair and even include the best products to use. There are different styles for different days and if you are good at following instructions your hair will always look good.

  1. Freedom to choose what works for you

The customer is always right, but this common saying does not resonate with some attendants as they will insist on doing the opposite of what you had asked for. This often causes bitter arguments at the end and most people would rather avoid them altogether. Making your own hair gives you the freedom to make it exactly how you want it.

  1. Natural salons are too far away

You are lucky if you live in an area with a salon that caters to only people with natural hair. Such salons give expert solutions to the problems that could be plaguing your hair and you will only deal with professionals. Unfortunately, such salons are very few and the conventional ones might not have people who are good with natural hair as well. This makes some naturals just opt to learn how to make their own hair.

  1. Going to the salon is too expensive

Walk into any salon and ask for the price list for people with natural hair and you will realize that they charge an arm and leg for the different styles. Some salonists say that that natural hair products are too expensive and in some cases, they are more expensive as compared to the ones used for the other hairstyles.

Some experts charge their customers exorbitantly for their services because they know that few people can make some styles the way they do. The laws of demand and supply apply here and this makes some women avoid salons altogether. Such hairstyles include dreadlocks, braids, Ghanian lines, cornrows and so on.

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  1.       Expensive Products  

You may have noticed that companies that produce hair have also gone out of their way to come up with some of the best products for naturals. I have been called by some to act as guinea pig and I must admit that some of the hair products are quite good.

As aforementioned, however, most of the products are quite expensive. This makes naturals turn to easily available ingredients and products to make their hair. You can hardly carry ingredients such as eggs and avocados that are normally used for hair treatment to your local salon now can you? Such are best used in the comfort of your home.

Now you know why your girl has not stepped into the salon for several months now.

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